With no end to the salary issues with the Perlis FA former international Safee Sali has taken the bold decision to quit the Northern Lions with immediate effect on Monday.

The 35-year-old Kajang-born, however, is likely to join another team before the transfer window closes on Wednesday.

Perlis FA continues to hog the limelight over the non-payment of outstanding salaries to its players, the northern team could also be booted out of the M-League by the Malaysian Football League (MFL) for failing to adhere to the tight financial standings on teams wanting to participate in the M-League.

Safee and the players have not been paid their salaries over the past two months.

The vastly experienced Safee who played for PKNS FC last season after playing for Johor Darul Takzim was at the University of Malaysia grounds on Monday where the team was training to say goodbye.

Feeling sad to part ways with the Northern Lions, Safee visibly disturbed by the turn of events said: “I part ways with a heavy heart but it is something I just cannot avoid to send a strong message to the management.

“It is a serious matter when it comes to the non-payment of salaries as this their livelihood. I wanted to play a part in bringing Perlis football to the glorious days of the past.

“However, it is not to be. I will, however, be part and parcel of the M-League with a new team. I have received several teams in the Klang Valley.”

Safee, however, did not want to name the team just yet but it is learned he is likely to join Petaling Jaya FC (former known as Mifa) before the transfer window closes on Wednesday.

“Dragging the salary issue has not done the team any good. If I don’t take this drastic action to leave it will only make the management take the matter lightly,” added Safee who also apologized to Perlis fans for his decision to leave.

“A line has to be drawn somewhere to send a strong message to the management that it is not doing the game any good in Perlis.” RIZAL ABDULLAH 

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