# ‘I won’t quit’ – says 10-time Mr Universe

# Sazali sheds some light over ‘jealousy’ between Malek Noor and him

# ‘I need time and peace of mind for now’ – Sazali

# ‘I will appeal for sure’ – Sazali

# ‘I want to win titles again’ – Sazali


Ten-time Mr Universe Sazali Samad has shut his critics over a positive doping test with a firm and strong message – “I will not quit” and is planning to appeal on the four-year ban slapped on him.

“I will not quit, that is for sure,” said the Batu Pahat-born police officer who is now seconded to the National Sports Council (NSC) but is expected to be stripped of his RM3,500 training allowance. He is a sub-inspector with the Police force.

The 48-year-old is currently seeking solace with his family in the popular seaside holiday resort Desaru, facing the South China Sea, some 98kms away from Johor Bahru.

However, Sazali was quick to point out that the “Desaru holiday” is something he planned even before the ban.

“I had promised my family this holiday. At the same time I am also taking this opportunity to reflect over the turn of events. At this stage I am in a very confused state of mind and this is the best place for me to seek solace.

“I will issue a statement over the matter but it will take sometime. Despite all that has happened I am grateful that people are ‘still with me’ and I have been stopped by people who recognise me – either to take pictures or just to wish me,” said Sazali.

“This is very soothing. I have faith in Allah and I also have the support of my family, my colleagues and my fans plus my friends. But I also have to live with some comments that have hurt me very much.”

Sazali was obviously referring to two-time Mr Universe finalist Malek Mohd Noor, who is also Yakeb president. Malek Noor slammed Sazali for using steroids and advised him to retire and apologise to the nation.

“His (Malek’s) comments do not surprise me at all. It goes a long way. We both come from Batu Pahat and the jealousy and rivalry has been going on for years since our younger days,” added Sazali.

Sazali, who is also a nine-time Mr Asia and four-time Sportsman of the Year, was tested positive after an out of competition test by the National Anti-Doping Agency of Malaysia (Adamas) on Sept 1.

The four-year-ban took effect from Sept 22 – the day the positive result was received. Contrary to earlier reports that he will not appeal, Sazali made it clear that he will appeal on the ban.

“It will be a long process but I will appeal with the hope that the ban will be reduced to a shorter period…to two years or even less.

“Despite the ban I will train as usual. It will not stop me from bodybuilding. It is in my blood and I have set sights on winning titles again,” said Sazali after having dinner with his family in Bandar Penawar.

And Sazali is the same old Sazali who is humble and respects everyone. There is no air in this unassuming sportsman who is hailed as in icon in the sport

He did not turn away anyone who wanted to take pictures and selfies with him although his family was waiting for him inside the car.

There were others who just went up to him and wished him. Sazali greeted them with his usual SMILE.

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