Peugeot Sport Customer Racing rounded off the track racing season with a double podium at the final round of the TCR Europe at Jarama. It was a weekend that was entirely in keeping with 2020, which – despite being hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic – saw Peugeot Sport customers continue to demonstrate their unwavering passion for racing on behalf of the brand and produce several fine performances.
  • In spite of the delayed start to the season, Peugeot Sport responded and adapted appropriately to the change in circumstances, enabling its Rencontres Peugeot Sport customers to get back on track as quickly and safely as possible. Persuaded by the emphasis on sharing, a sense of community and having fun on track, the Rencontres Peugeot Sport saw more than a hundred cars take part in races in Dijon when the series resumed and again at the second round at Val de Vienne. All of which suggests that this year’s uncommon circumstances have not dented the principles of conviviality and sporting fairness that made these two 2020 rounds a success.
  • Although it was cut short, with the last two meetings at Nogaro and Magny-Cours cancelled, this season delivered some superb on-track action, which fully justified the awarding of titles (see full standings below) and prizes. After finishing as runner-up in 2019, Florian Briché (JSB Compétition) ended the year as overall winner of the 208 Racing Cup, whilst Viny Beltramelli (Ropars Racing Team) built on the four podium finishes he scored last season to top the Junior standings. Thierry Blaise (New Team Compétition) prevailed in the Gentlemen Drivers class. Meanwhile, the 208 Relais was won by AP Compétition by GPA (#123) in the overall standings, with Bresse Auto Racing (#239) topping the Gentlemen Drivers category. Lastly, the Peugeot Endurance Trophy was won by Bresse Auto Racing (#839) in the 208 Racing Cup section and by Team Peugeot Poissy (#847) in the 206 S16s class.
  • On the European stage, the Peugeot 308 TCR showed everyone the full range of its competitiveness and versatility. Starting in the highly competitive TCR Europe, where JSB Compétition and Team Clairet Sport mixed in with the elite of European touring car racing on several occasions. A total of five podiums were claimed by Julien Briché (one race win, one second place and one third place) and by Teddy Clairet (one second place and one third place), whilst Stéphane Ventaja won the Yokohama Trophy in the “Diamond” class awarded to Gentlemen Drivers. Meanwhile, Michael Markussen also shone in the Peugeot 308 TCR in the TCR Denmark competition, scoring three podiums and finishing sixth overall.
  • The performances of the Peugeot 308 TCR have caught the eye elsewhere, with Danish team Brian Madsen Sport having already confirmed that no fewer than five cars will take part in its national TCR championship in 2021. The Australian team Garry Rogers Motorsport has equally decided to reconfirm its involvement in the local TCR championship, keeping the three-car line up for 2021.


Olivier Fuet, Peugeot Sport Circuit Customer Racing Manager

“We did everything we could so that our customers were able to get back on track after a very tough start to the year for all of us. We were delighted to see so many were happy to take part once again and with such enthusiasm! They needed to express the passion that drives us all and as soon as the health situation allowed, we were able to offer a professional organisation and atmosphere. For both the Peugeot 308 TCR and the Rencontres Peugeot Sport, working during this exceptional season has been rewarding for our teams, and it opened to the possibility to memorable experiences.”

Florian Briché, Winner of the Rencontres Peugeot Sport, 208 Racing Cup category

“As drivers, we always want more, so obviously I’d have loved to keep going right to the end of the season and been able to keep fighting on the track. Having said that, I’m nonetheless pleased that we were able to race at all this year and I’m delighted with my results!”


208 Racing Cup

Overall standings

1.                      Florian Briché – JSB Compétition

2.                      Benjamin Mosson – GPA Racing

3.                      Yannick Blanc – GEDI Racing

Junior standings

1.                      Viny Beltramelli – Ropars Racing Team

2.                      Colin Boreau – Boreau Team Sport

3.                      Florian Venturi – VTR

Gentleman Driver standings

1.                      Thierry Blaise – New Team Compétition

2.                      Franck Niclot – GM Sport

3.                      Michel Faye – GM Sport

208 Relais

Overall standings

1.                      #123 – AP Compétition by GPA

2.                      #415 – GPA Racing

3.                      #213 – New Team Compétition

Gentleman Driver standings

1.                      #239 – Bresse Auto Racing

2.                      #173 – Savoie Compet’ by GM Sport

3.                      #276 – ACAC LP Motorsport by GM

Peugeot Endurance Trophy

208 Racing Cup standings

1.                      #839 – Bresse Auto Racing

2.                      #837 – Team Peugeot Poissy

3.                      #817 – Team Peugeot Poissy

206 S16 standings

1.                      #847 – Team Peugeot Poissy

2.                      #844 – Team RV Compétition 82

3.                      #840 – Racing Club Bologne

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