Kensuke Takahashi, the head coach of the Indonesia Futsal team, has called up 19 players in preparation for the AFC Futsal Asian Cup.

The AFC Futsal Asian Cup was initially supposed to be held on 2-13 December 2020 in Kuwait but has now been postponed to 2021 instead.

The Indonesia Futsal team is having their centralised training camp at the GOR Baskhara in Surabaya,

“We had already been in virtual communication with the players prior to the centralised training camp,” said Takahashi

“We managed to assess the condition of the players before they were called up to the camp. And generally, the players are all in good condition which means that they will be able to take part in the camp very well.”

For the AFC Futsal Asian Cup, Indonesia have been placed in Group C against Uzbekistan, Bahrain and China.



Muhammad Nizar Nayaruddin (Vamos Mataram), Muhammad Iksan Rahadian (Cosmo FC), Muhammad Al Bagir (Black Steel)

Sunny Rizky Suhendra (Bintang Timur Surabaya), Mochammad Iqbal Rahmatullah (Bintang Timur Surabaya), Andri Kustiawan (Bintang Timur Surabaya), Muhammad Subhan Faidasa (Bintang Timur Surabaya), Marvin Alexa Wossiry (Vamos Mataram), Bambang Bayu Saptaji (Halus FC)

Rio Pangestu Putra (SKN FC), Ardiansyah Nur (Black Steel), Syauqi Saud (Bintang Timur Surabaya), Guntur Sulistyo Ariwibowo (SKN FC), Ardiansyah Runtuboy (Bintang Timur Surabaya), Holypaul Septinus N. Soumilena (Black Steel), Samuel Eko Putra Tampubolon (SKN FC), Muhammad Rizky Xavier (Cosmo FC), Iqbal Aliefian (Vamos Mataram), Firman Ardiansyah (IPC Pelindo II)

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