Alireza Abbasi, a prominent figure in world Futsal science, believes that Giti Pasand has the character of a champion, while at the same time, the quality of Mes Songun cannot be easily overlooked as they are the champions of the league for three consecutive seasons.
“I believe that the quality of this year’s league is higher when compared to the last six seasons, and the reason for this is the keen competition between teams. Last season, the champions were already determined before the tenth week. But this time around, there were at least three teams capable of winning the championship,” said Alireza.
Russia and Iran
The international Futsal analyst talked about the two confrontations between Iran’s national futsal team and Russia at the end of 2023.
“I watched the two games carefully. In both matches, the Iranian national team has problems in the defensive line. This weakness has plagued the Iranian futsal team for several years,” he added.
“At the last Cup of Nations, a power play was introduced against Uzbekistan, and this weakness is still visible.
Of course, I give the right to Mr. Shamsaei, the head coach of the Iranian national team, because when you give the field to young people and test new players in every camp, it is natural that these problems will not be solved.
Friendly games are for finding weaknesses and testing new players. I hope that the respected head coach of the national team will soon bring the Iranian national team to ideal conditions so that it can participate in the Asian Nations Cup with full strength and also regain its lost position. 
World Futsal is on the right track of progress, but Iran’s national futsal team is no longer in the process of progress.
Teams that until the last two years may not have been considered as rivals for Iran are developing, among them, I can mention is the Uzbekistan Futsal national team.
They have entered a new phase of development by bringing Mr. Lopez – a famous and well-known Futsal coach from Spain.
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