Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook (main pix) is less than impressed with the verbal jabs ex-teammate Kevin Durant has leveled at his former club since departing for the Golden State Warriors.

Durant left Oklahoma City as a free agent after last season, and this week sung the praises of his new team filled with “selfless” players.

“I feel really grateful to play for a team like that and play with a bunch of players who are selfless and enjoy the game in its purest form,” Durant said. “They make it about the players, they make it about the environment, so it was really an easy choice.”

A reporter couldn’t resist relaying those comments to Westbrook on Thursday.

“That’s cute, man. That’s cute,” Westbrook said. “My job is to worry about what’s going on here. We’re gonna worry about all the selfish guys we’ve got over here, apparently. We’re gonna figure that out.”

Westbrook insisted he wasn’t interested in being drawn into a war of words with Durant.

“To me it doesn’t matter,” Westbrook said. “My job is to worry about here. Honestly, I’m really tired of talking about it, so any time anybody asks me another question, I’m just not gonna answer. Just FYI — I’m not talking about it no more.”

Durant and Westbrook will meet again on court soon. The Warriors host the Thunder on November 3. – Agence France-Presse

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