You’ve won your first Formula One race for Red Bull Racing Honda. Has it sunk in and how do you feel?

I feel very, very proud. It’s a victory that really shows the amount of work that we’ve all put in since the start of January and shows how hard work always pays off. It’s also a great boost for the whole team to know that we’ve got two cars that can fight for the championship and that we all really want to win.

We’ve extended our lead in the Constructors’ Championship and you’ve jumped to third in the Drivers’ standings. How are you feeling going into the French Grand Prix?

It’s only race six and as I say it doesn’t really matter where we are now it’s where we finish in Abu Dhabi so we just have to keep chipping away, making sure we maximise our car potential. I’ve been in Formula One for many years that I know that so many things can happen, so we just have to keep our heads down, now what has happened is history and we just have to keep looking forwards.

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