World Rugby and Six Nations Rugby Limited have announced a unified approach to the management of the in-competition testing programmes for the Guinness Six Nations.

Under the agreement, Six Nations Rugby Limited will continue to fund and operationally assist the important programme, but World Rugby’s anti-doping unit will assume responsibility for the planning of testing, and results management for Six Nations competitions, which will further advance the co-ordination of in and out-of-competition test planning across elite rugby in Europe. 

The agreement builds on years of close cooperation between the organisations and World Rugby in the planning and operation of competition testing programmes and furthers the independence of the testing process in line with the latest WADA Code revisions.

Rugby is united in its commitment to all players’ right to participate on an even playing field in a clean sport. World Rugby will continue to regularly test all men’s and women’s elite international players out-of-competition, a programme which accounts for 70 per cent of its annual test numbers, as part of a wider intelligent, targeted and risk-based detection and deterrent programme while delivering education across the sport. – WORLD RUGBY

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