The RED Bull will launch the first REBL CUSTMS look of the season for Oracle Red Bull Racing, as the Team’s latest livery, strikes out to kick-off a trio of one off looks for the RB20 in 2024.  

Max and Checo’s cars have been redesigned for the British GP by a member of The Paddock, as part of the Team’s Forever Rebl campaign, which celebrates 20 years of Red Bull in Formula One. Powered by Oracle, The Team built a simple, yet state of the art, REBL CUSTMS configurator, which was designed to ensure everyone, everywhere could have a canvas to unlock their creativity in 2024. 

REBL CUSTMS hands fans the wheel to the entire car as a canvas, allowing them to pick from a bespoke toolkit of patterns, colours and sticker packs. All this, while encouraging designers to plan a livery which will complement the races the Team will run REBL CUSTMS looks at this season: Britain, Singapore and the United States. The customisation patterns available in the configurator are inspired by historic Team liveries, from 20 years of racing around the globe, and offer a bespoke set of race-specific stickers to provide unique personalisation for each Grand Prix. 

The above has meant an overhaul of the World Champions’ usual distinctive style and palette – Oracle Red Bull Racing will roll out racey in red at Silverstone. The design of the RED Bull, painted in Stallion Red and imagined by Chalaj Suvanish from Thailand, takes inspiration from the Team’s 2015 one-off and iconic pre-season testing livery, The Camo Bull.

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