With the shipping date fast approaching, BMW Motorrad is busy finalizing the preparations on 140 BMW F 850 GS motorcycles that will be shipped to New Zealand for the Int. GS Trophy Oceania in February 2020.

Such has been the growth in interest from riders around the world, the event now requires 140 motorcycles to be readied – a significant increase on the 114 BMW R 1200 GS Rallye machines that were prepared for the Central Asia 2018 edition.

And these are no ordinary BMW F 850 GSs, for the 2020 edition BMW Motorrad has elected to build a bespoke edition with a unique combination of specification and colours unlike any to be found in the showrooms.

The choice of the F 850 GS is a return to BMW Motorrad´s middle class GS offering, following in the tyre tracks of the F 800 GS that proved itself indestructible over three Int. GS Trophies in 2008, 2010 and 2012.

The BMW F 850 GS.

Launched at the Milan Show EICMA for the 2018 model year, the F 850 GS is an all-new design, replacing the long-running and highly successful F 800 GS.

A new parallel twin cylinder engine with a 90-degree crank offset with a 270/450-degree firing order; a new monocoque bridge-design frame; all new chassis design, with the fuel tank now over the engine; a lower seat height and bodywork that provides the rider greater protection while allowing maximum movement for off-road riding.

Potent at 70kW (95hp), the new GS middle class is built for off-road agility given its 21/17-inch wheel combination, off-road specification suspension and off-road oriented ergonomic design.

While powerful and clearly dynamic, the F 850 GS offers the latest electronic rider aids. Enduro Pro mode, Dynamic Traction Control DTC, Dynamic ESA, ABS Pro, even a quickshifter makes rider operation confidence inspiring and safer. All this new technology is made easier to access and operate through a new 6.5 inch TFT screen that comes with BMW Motorrad Connectivity so the rider can also make phone calls, listen to music or navigate while riding.

Now the time has come for the F 850 GS to prove itself in the toughest challenge any GS can face – the Int. GS Trophy.

The BMW F 850 GS Int. GS Trophy 2020.

Aesthetically the BMW F 850 GS Int. GS Trophy special model has its own one-off colour scheme and detailing on components. Most striking will be the unique black and yellow colour scheme with Int. GS Trophy graphics. Contrasting with the black/yellow will be gold anodizing on the upside down forks and cross-spoked tubeless-spec wheel rims.

BMW Motorrad always offers customers a vast range of options and accessories to individualize their GS motorcycles, and from this long list the following has been selected for the Int. GS Trophy machines.

BMW Motorrad Optional Equipment 

  • Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment)
  • Dynamic Traction Control DTC
  • Gear Shift Assistant Pro
  • Riding Modes Pro (Dynamic/Enduro/Enduro Pro)
  • 6.5” TFT screen with BMW Motorrad Connectivity
  • LED daytime running lights
  • LED turn indicators
  • Preparation for navigation
  • Heated grips
  • Off-road tyres
  • Luggage rack with case holders
  • HP Sports silencer


Original BMW Motorrad Accessories.

High handlebars.

The high handlebars are 14 mm higher than the standard handlebars. This not only enables an upright and comfortable sitting position, but also makes riding while standing particularly comfortable. Secure handling of the motorcycle is noticeably easier (particularly in the standing position) – an indispensable advantage for Enduro riders.

Enduro footrests plus adjustable foot brake lever and gear lever.

These accessories enhance control when standing, providing a comfortable and secure purchase for the rider’s boots. The set, consisting of Enduro footrests, a height-adjustable foot brake lever and a gear lever with adjustable kick lever, can be adapted to individual needs. When suitably adjusted, the foot levers can be optimally operated or regulated and allow even better vehicle control especially when riding off-road in a standing position.

Hand protectors.

The hand protector, made of impact-resistant and UV-resistant plastic, also protects the operating elements against branches and stone chips while riding off-road, and is aerodynamically tailored to the vehicle. On the road, the wind and weather protection offered by the protectors is also impressive: hands and fingers stay longer dry and warm even at low temperatures.

Engine protection bar.

Electropolished stainless steel for lightness and longevity, this bar protects the engine without compromising cornering lean angles.

Enduro engine guard.

The sturdy Enduro aluminium engine guard was specially constructed for off-road use and provides optimal protection for the lower section of the engine.

Rallye seat.

In off-road the rider stands as much as sits, and so the requirement of the saddle is very different to that for a standard road machine. The Rallye seat is narrower in section, so allowing better movement around the bike, while being taller to allow easier transitions from seated to standing, while also offering the degree of padding required for comfort when riding over rough terrain.

Bag for pillion seat.

Mounted on the pillion seat, this water-resistant bag expands from 2.5 to 8 litres and is ideal for storing the small items (like camera batteries, sun glasses, energy snacks) that the Int. GS Trophy riders will likely call upon during a typical riding day.

LED auxiliary headlights.

The powerful LED additional headlights in a compact aluminium housing ensure better vision and visibility even in fog, rain or snowfall. At the same time, their white, daylight-like light colour ensures differentiated illumination of the road. LED technology ensures virtually wear-free operation.

Headlight protection.

There will be many GSs riding together, kicking up the odd stone no doubt, so headlight protection for off-road is a must.

Touring windshield with adjustment.

North Island, South Island?! Eight days non-stop action – yes, the riders might like the protection of this windshield from time to time. There’s the adjustability too, so they can lower it for better vision when riding off-road.

And so, to New Zealand!

In the coming days the 140 BMW F 850 GS motorcycles will be crated, placed in containers and sent on the long sea voyage to New Zealand.

For more information on the Int. GS Trophy please go to www.gstrophy.com

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