Jury crowns the Remote Control Parking system in the BMW 7 Series as the leading technology in the “Connected Car” field


A jury of experts have endorsed the innovative power of BMW. Technologies which were given their debut in the last year were eligible for the CarIT-Award 2016 presented by German specialist magazine “CarIT”. And the Remote Control Parking system, which celebrated its world premiere in the new BMW 7 Series, was crowned the winner.

Drivers use the BMW Display Key to guide their car into a space in a semi-automated process 

The Remote Control Parking option allows the car to be driven into and back out of garages or perpendicular parking spaces without a driver at the wheel. This enables drivers to make use of even very tight spaces. The system is activated by the driver using the likewise newly developed BMW Display Key and executed in a semi-automated process by the car, while the driver stands outside, watching out for obstacles.

The whole parking procedure is monitored by the Park Distance Control (PDC) system, the Parking Assistant and the Surround View sensors. To activate Remote Control Parking, the car just has to be positioned centrally and squarely in front of the selected parking space or garage. The BMW 7 Series driver can interrupt the progress of the car into or out of the space in a controlled manner at any time.

Expert vote based on scientific study

German magazine “CarIT” is an informative publication for decision-makers in the connected mobility sector. Every year, it teams up with Prof. Stefan Bratzel from the Center of Automotive Management in Bergisch Gladbach to carry out its “Connected Car Innovation” study. And every year since 2010 it has drawn up a list of the most innovative car makers and countries in the “Connected Car” field of technology.

Out of this comes a ranking of the most important leading-edge technologies presented to the public for the first time in 2015. From these technologies, a jury of experts crowned BMW’s Remote Control Parking system the winner.
The CarIT-Award 2016 for the Remote Control Parking system from BMW was presented at the CarIT-Congress 2016 during the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hanover.

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