World fitness federation (WFF) an International sports and fitness federation just had its first fitness competition last friday, first time in Borneo, held in Kuching Penview Convention Centre on 29th November 2019.

WFF has unleashed many new athletes and cater for different categories in Women’s bikini fitness, women’s sports model, men bermuda athletes, men sports model and men bodybuilding open championship. This is the first time WFF has stepped into Borneo and has emerged many new athletes.

The winner for women’s bikini was won by Sunky Wang, Women Sports model is a newbie Toh, Men’s Bermuda Model is a newbie Chong Boon Siong and Men’s Open Bodybuilding is Rocky Lok .

Abdul Rauf Abdul Razak and ND Newaz who finished second and third respectively were also newbies to WFF Borneo Classic.

As an international fitness platform, WFF Vice President Dr Deborah is confident that new talents will slowly emerge and grow over time.

” We are creating more opportunities for athletes in the world of fitness and bodybuilding to be more active not just locally but also having an international fitness brand on their own home ground.”

Athletes used to be only able to compete internationally and the nearest is in Singapore in order to compete in other international platforms. Now they can compete through WFF in Borneo.

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