Even an afternoon shower with strong winds which blew away tents onto one of the two rinks at the Perak Lawn Bowls Arena, failed to dampen the spirits of the competing teams on the opening day of the Chief Minister of Perak Challenge Trophy for the triples lawn bowls competition.

As predicted, there was close battle between the teams and kept the competition keen and tight in their battle for a total prize money of RM33,000 with winner of the Cup taking home RM10,000.

Local teams gave good accounts of themselves that even that the six foreign teams – India, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand had a tough opening day.

With most of the two-thirds of the 48 teams having played two games in the Group fixtures there was no clear leader with two or more team having won both their matches for maximum of four points.

But host Perak, who fielded seven teams – three senior and four Sukma teams – stood up to warn teams that they serious contenders for the top prizes of the competition.

Among the teams who won both their Group matches included PDRM C and Labuan B in Group A, Perak Sukma C, WAR JB and Selangor B in Group B, Derma B and Labuan A in Group G and BST Tigers in Group H.

Group C, D, E and F have ongoing second matches at time of Press cut off time. Perak Lawn Bowls Association president, Tengku Noor Hazah AlHaj was happy that there was no serious damage by the strong winds and the tents were cleared fast and competition resumed.

“It is rather unfortunate that the incident happened but it was beyond our control because of rare strong winds. But I am glad that was no mishaps and the area was cleared quickly of debris for the competition to proceed,” said Tengku Noor.

She was also happy that the Perak teams – both the seniors and Sukma teams gave a good account of themselves in the opening day. Perak teams who started off well include Perak A who defeated International 29-3, Sukma D defeated Anderson 24-05, Perak B defeated VRB 27-05, Sukma B defeated Ipoh Selection 19-9, Perak C defeated JPJ 26-05 and Sukma A defeated DBI 29-06.

PDRM was another team who stood out with PDRM C defeating Derma D 20-15 and PDRM A defeating Kelantan 16-9. Tomorrow (Thursday) will be opening ceremony of the championship with Perak Chief Minister Ahmad Faisal Datuk Azumu officially declaring the tournament open.


Perak teams:

Team A: Sazeli Sani, Rable Dallan Rice Oxley, Aminun Haq Fahrir Adli.

Team B: Shahnizam Zaidi Yahaya, Muhammad Fitri Hashim, Izat Shameer Dzulkeple.

Team C: Safuan Said, Adil Faidhi Sazeli, Nurbaliya Lokman Annuar.


Perak Sukma Teams:

Team A: Ahmad Zikry Sazeli, Mohamed Azil Syahmi Mohamed Azian, Nur Izzati Mohd Ibrahim.

Team B: Aleena Ahmad Nawawi, Suriani Rosli, Nurul Naeiah Borhan, Mohammad Lokman Mohd Isa.

Team C: Muhammad Aiman Hakim Che Ahmad, Nor Azzahara Abd Razak, Noor Shuhaiza Nadia Ghazali, Nabila Diyani Mohd Zaidi. Team

D: Muhammad Atiz Imran Aminuddin, Haziq Dzulkeple, Ayha Husina Ahmad Hasmadi.

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