Citroën Racing unveils an exciting new livery for the C3 Rally2 as it prepares to target more success around the world in 2024.

The design highlights the new Citroën brand identity that was first revealed in 2022. The C3 Rally2 now proudly displays the oval logo on its sides and roof, and the designers have also played on the clean lines of the famous two chevrons to make them stand out from their frame; giving the car a dynamic look whichever angle it is viewed from.

The red colour scheme meanwhile confirms the sporting DNA of Citroën Racings and its illustrious history in rallying.

This livery is the work of the Citroën design team, in close association with Citroën Racing, to assert the brand’s new identity with a dynamic and high-impact graphic that leaves space for all #C3Rally2Family members to express their personalities.

The two-tone design will make its debut at Rally Monte-Carlo in January (from January 25_28) on the official Citroën Racing cars, crewed by Yohan Rossel/Arnaud Dunand and Nikolay Gryazin/Konstantin Aleksandrov.

The oval logo plays a central role, especially on the roof where the chevrons point forward propelling the C3 Rally2 toward performance and speed. Larger versions extend from the side windows to the rear wheels to display Citroën’s brand identity.

Two closely spaced white stripes symbolising the chevrons are also repeated on all four sides. At the front, they are placed horizontally at the bottom of the car, as if visually pressing it into the ground. On the sides, they are at a more familiar diagonal, meeting across the rear of the roof.

These cues further help to accentuate the contrasting two-tone effect, separating the red front of the car from the black rear. At the back, two more sloping stripes ensure that the C3 Rally2 stands out even from a distance.

The use of the André Red colour (named after company founder André Citroën) is a reference to the brand’s history in the World Rally Championship. Today, the C3 Rally2 is at the forefront of the highly competitive Rally2 category, having achieved numerous championship titles and rally wins across the globe in 2023.

With this new livery, Citroën Racing technical teams continue to modernise the C3 Rally2 and constantly improve performance to perpetuate its legendary history. See this design shine in rallies around the world.


François Wales, Stellantis Motorsport Customer Racing director:  

“Building on our 2023 season, the C3 Rally2 Family and Citroën Racing teams attack 2024 with anticipation and boldness! We are proud of the new design of the C3 Rally2 and of the close collaboration between the Citroën Design and Citroën Racing teams. We’re showing our colors and our ambitions high for this 2024 season, in WRC2 and in the continental and national championships, and we’re confident that the tireless work of the Citroën Racing technical teams will pay off!”

Pierre Leclercq, Head of Citroën Design:

‘’Showcasing the New Citroën Brand identity was at the core of the design brief for the new C3 Rally2 livery.

Our designers have addressed this challenge, creating an impactful and sober graphism, playing with the pure lines of the chevrons. The extended two-tone red and black of the official Citroën Racing version highlights this new design.”

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