Without a doubt, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has left big holes in the lives of people from all walks of life throughout the world.

With that also comes the usual blame game as each one tries and struggles to make ends meet – young and old alike while some fall victims to the masters (employers).

The so-called “trusted ones” have used the pandemic to cover-up the weaknesses that had been in existence even before the deadly virus spread its wings to bring the world to a virtual standstill on all fronts.

The blame game, however, is hurting. Certain parties, especially the culprits who are using COVID-19 to avoid or cover-up their shortcomings that had been in existence much earlier.

Kedah FA honorary secretary Asmirul Anuar Aris is in the spotlight. The Kedah Executive Councilor has pointed fingers at the FA of Malaysia (FAM) and the Malaysian Football League (MFL) that two national bodies are to be blamed for Kedah’s non-payment of salaries to the players and officials.

He said that FAM and MFL have failed to give an exact date when the Malaysian League will resume after it was halted on March 16 – two days before the Federal Government’s Movement Control Order (MCO) came into force.

FAM secretary-general Stuart Ramalingam hit back at the accusations that the matter (when the M-League will resume) requires detailed planning with various parties before the date can be set or fixed as much will also depend on the clearance from the Health Ministry.

”Kedah FA is using COVID-19 to cover-up their own shortcomings,” he said.

The royal patron of the Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (PFAM) HRH Brigadier-General Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim revealed that Kedah is one of the teams that owe salaries their players.

Some of the players, including foreigners, highlighted the matter to Tunku Ismail, who is the Crown Prince of Johor. The Johor prince is also a former president of FAM and MFL.

What has been revealed about Kedah by Tunku Ismail has sent shock waves in the football fraternity as the Red Eagles are considered to be in the elite group in the likes of Johor Darul Takzim and Selangor.

Sometimes people mess up at work and dodge accountability and shift the responsibility to someone.

Kedah is not alone in this matter. Melaka United is another team that has serious financial shortcomings and delayed paying salaries of its players. However, the Melaka FA has managed to camouflage the shortcomings because of someone who has clout in the FAM.

Penang is another team with a salary problem. Kelantan seems to have sorted out and made arrangments to sort the issue with its players. RIZAL ABDULLAH 

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