Md Izzat Zaidi Md Salehan of PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha – CKJ Racing bagged the winning spot in the final race session of the CP150 category, Round 4, PETRONAS Malaysian Cub Prix Championship that was held at Sepang International Circuit (south).

In the Super Pole session earlier this morning, Ahmad Afif Amran of PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha – CKJ Racing emerged strong when he took the pole position at 1’15:740s. At the second and third spot on the grid, teammates Md Izzat Zaidi and Md Akid Aziz marked their fastest at 1’16:460s and 1’16:507s.

With the added advantage that Afif had, he went straight to the lead position in the beginning of the race followed by Azroy at P2 and Izzat at P3 at the end of the first lap. During the second lap, Izzat managed to overtake Afif for a moment before the position was claimed back by Afif at the end of the third lap. At the back of them, Azroy was trying his best to retain his momentum however the highly competitive riders did not give him the opportunity to maintain his position.

At the end of lap 5, Azroy found his way into P2 and for a while injected pressure upon Afif. At that time, Nazirul who was at P3 began making his moves and managed to take over P1 at the end of the lap. With four more laps to go, the competition became stiff among the top three riders who were striding ahead of the others. The Honda rider, Azroy began to react and his move succeeded when he took P1 before Afif and Nazirul overtook him at the end of lap 9.

The Yamaha riders at the moment were aggressively working their way to manage their positions. With one more lap to go, Akid who was playing among the back troop emerged ahead for a moment before a casualty occurred among three riders. At that moment, Izzat seized the opportunity and went on to take P1 with Nazirul at P2 and Akid at P3.

Izzat went on to increase speed before making his first victory for the season at 14’03:436s.

The second spot was claimed by his teammate, Md Akid Aziz who clocked in at 14’03:992s.

Nazirul Izzat Md Bahauddin of PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha Maju Motor made it third at 14’03:994s

In the CP125 category, Md Syafiq Ezzariq of Jetron Yamaha YYPang Racing team took the win at the Sepang International Circuit.

Earlier, in the Shoot Out session, Md Syafiq Rosli of PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha Maju Motor marked the fastest at 1’20:060s. Although his performances in the qualifying session were not that great, more importantly he secured the right position on the grid and in his case, he made it to the pole position. This would definitely be an added advantage for him on a much bigger circuit. He was followed by Md Shafiq Ezzariq of Jetron Yamaha YYPang Racing Team at 1’20:323s. At the third spot on the grid was Md Amirul Ariff Musa of SCK Honda Racing Team at 1’20:486s.

As soon as the race flagged off this evening, Syafiq Rosli did not waste anymore time when he barged ahead to take P1. Nevertheless, Syafiq Ezzariq who was not pleased made his move and took his shot at P1 at the first turn. At the end of the third lap, Syafiq Ezzariq was solid at P1. Behind him, Fareez and Syafiq Rosli began exchanging their positions. At the end of lap 5, Arash made his way from P4 to P2, using his skills to overtake Fareez and Syafiq Rosli.

At that moment, Syafiq Ezzariq was gliding away ahead. With two more laps to go, Khairi Ashraf managed to take his bet at P2 and at P3, Syafiq Rosli tried to maintain his momentum. With a gap of 1.480s, Syafiq Ezzariq was confidently making his way towards victory. At the last lap, Syafiq Rosli made it to P2 and began working his gap with the rider behind him whereas Adam Haikal took his spot at P3.

Nevertheless, while Syafiq Ezzariq and Syafiq Rosli maintained their positions at P1 and P2, Adam Haikal was overtaken by Aliff Daniel who eventually ended the race that evening at P3.

Commenting on the race, Syafiq Ezzariq said, “First of all, I thank my team and the crew for this win. I targeted to win this time around. My strategy worked well. I also tried to maximise my strengths with the advantage that I had. I also tried to help my teammate but it was only after a few laps that I realised a huge gap behind me. I am thankful. My machine was at its best today.”

Syafiq Ezzariq clocked in for his first win for the season at 11’00:312s.

At second spot, Md Syafiq Rosli of PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha Maju Motor clocked in at 11’00:607s.

Teammate, Md Aliff Daniel Md Asri clocked in at 11’02:503s.

Meanwhile, in the Wira KBS category, Raiyan Khardanee Sanusi of PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha – 31 Racing completed the race with a positive note when he emerged winner for the first time at the Sepang International Circuit.

The qualifying session that happened on Saturday witnessed Ahmad Iqram Danish of Yamaha Estremo 27 Racing Team perform in making his way into the pole position. He was followed by Farres Putra of V-Fiertech Wiramuda Racing at the second spot on the grid and Amirun Haziq Johan of PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha – 31 Racing at the third position.

During the final race session on Sunday, Raiyan who was at the fourth spot on the grid made a quick move to overtake Iqram and take the P1 spot. Farres was close behind at P2 and Iqram went on to take P3. At the end of the third lap, the three riders were seen strong in front of the rest of the riders with a huge gap. Four laps later, Raiyan was seen defending his spot at P1 well with Iqram beginning to make his moves from the back.

For a moment, Iqram succeeded in taking the P2 spot however by the end of the fifth lap, Farres took the opportunity to strike. With two more laps to go, Farres and Iqram used the slipstreaming strategy to overtake Raiyan but only Farres made it ahead into P1. With one more lap to go, the trio were determined to win. At the last turn, Iqram quickly took the opportunity to slide into P1 but Farres and Raiyan were not about to give up. Raiyan, with his smart move, used his abilities, seconds before the chequered flag, to overtake the two riders ahead of him.

With that, Raiyan took his first win for the season at 9’54:320s.

Commenting on the race, Raiyan said, “I thank everyone who has been supportive towards me. I did not expect to win today. The race was very competitive and I gave my best shot. Probably, it is also my luck today to win and I am ever grateful to my team for the right setup of my machine.”

At second place was Ahmad Iqram Danish Ahmad Ghazali of Estremo 27 Racing Team at 9’54:499s.

At third was Farres Putra Md Fadhli of V-Fiertech Wiramuda Racing clocking in at 9’54:503s.


Final Race

Round 4


1. Md Izzat Zaidi Md Salehan, PETRONAS SPRINTA YAMAHA – CKJ RACING, 14:03.436


3. Nazirul Izzat Md Bahauddin, PETRONAS SPRINTA YAMAHA MAJU MOTOR, 14:03.994

4. Md Helmi Azman, SCK HONDA RACING TEAM, 14:04.010

5. Md Afizi Supaat, TOBAKI CILIK RACING, 14:04.125


1. Md Shafiq Ezzariq Saiful Nizam, JETRON YAMAHA YYPANG RACING TEAM, 11:00.312


3. Md Aliff Danial Md Asri, PETRONAS SPRINTA YAMAHA MAJU MOTOR, 11:02.516

4. Md Adam Haikal Jahar, PETRONAS SPRINTA YAMAHA – 31 RACING, 11:02.557

5. Arash Tsunami Kamarudin, PETRONAS SPRINTA YAMAHA – CKJ RACING, 11:02.610

Wira KBS

1. Raiyan Khardanee Md Sanusi, PETRONAS SPRINTA YAMAHA – 31 RACING, 9:54.320

2. Ahmad Iqram Danish Ahmad Ghazali, YAMAHA ESTREMO 27 RACING, 9:54.499

3. Farres Putra Md Fadhil, V- FIERTECH WIRAMUDA RACING, 9:54.503

4. Md Adib Arsyad Md Hisam, YAMAHA ESTREMO 27 RACING, 9:58.460

5. Md Al Syakir Zufayri Md Al Amirul Zaki, PETRONAS SPRINTA YAMAHA – 31 RACING, 9:58.908

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