The Malaysia Hockey Confederation had their Executive Board meeting last week with several matters being discussed and highlighted – 

  1. Debts

MHC officially declares that it has cleared RM 2.9 million in debt – assumed when the new MHC Executive Board was announced as administrators of the sport on May the 13th 2015. President Dato’ Sri Subahan Kamal (main pix) has pledged to settle this enormous debt within 12 months of his administration. True to his words, this enormous feat has been achieved after 11 months. According to the MHC Strategic Plan, fiscal governance remains one of the key milestones in our pursuit for overall excellence both on and off the field. We have announced that financially, we aspire to reduce Accounts Payable (AP) aging to a maximum of 30 days. We are now 91% compliant. 

  1. Sanction Fees

MHC has decided to impose sanction fees for international competitions hosted by States inline with what AHF and FIH has been imposing on MHC for organizing tournaments.These fees, however, will not burden the organizers. The amount is still being worked out, but as stated, will not be exorbitant. The quantum acquired from each host will then be used for the development of the game. 

  1. National Teams

The National teams will be heading for the following tours in the next quarter:

Men’s Senior

Japan Tour (6th to 16th June 2016) – 6 matches will be played, of which 4 will be practice matches and 2 will be official test matches.

Women’s Senior

Japan Tour (2nd to 10th May 2016) – 5 matches to be played against the Japan National Junior Women’s Team. 

  1. Coaching

In collaboration with the Competitions Committee, there will now be a coaching seminar held at all national-level MHC competitions. This is to ensure coaches are constantly provided the latest information. These courses will be conducted by MHC Dev. Program Director, Tai Beng Hai and MHC Technical Director, Terry Walsh. 

  1. TNB State League

As it stands, 3 States have kick-started their League, namely Melaka (23/3/2016), Pahang (2/4/2016) and Kelantan (15/4/2016). Each state will be granted RM 50,000 to run their League this year. An initial funding of RM 10,000, which makes 20% of the total RM50,000 granted, has been provided on the 23/3/2016 to the State HAs. The balance of which will be provided at a later date.


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