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THE player dubbed ‘non-league football’s answer to Eric Cantona’ has been banned until October by the Football Association after his furious confrontation with a fan last month.

Karl Colley, 30, was filmed angrily running into the stands to face down a supporter of opponents Coalville after being sent off in Goole’s 3-0 defeat at their Victoria Pleasure Grounds home in north-east England.

Video footage, which was posted on the YouTube website, showed Colley making three attempts to tackle the fan and also appearing to throw a punch amidst a flurry of abusive language.

Colley was also fined £150.

Colley, who had been the club captain, was sacked by Goole shortly after the match.

Former Manchester United star Cantona was banned for nine months for his kung-fu kick at Crystal Palace fan Matthew Simmons after being red-carded at Selhurst Park in Jan 1995.

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