FIA Karting Championship is one of the first motorsport series coming back from the Covid-19 pause. Motorsport passion, strict guidelines and Covid-19 restrictions make this possible. Being back on the race track means the world to the young drivers.

They are coming from all over the world to get back behind the steering wheel: 13-year-olds Arvid from England and Ugo from New York City, 14-year old Andrea from Italy as well as the 12-year-old youngster Alex hailing from Trinidad and Tobago.

These youngsters are competing for the European and World championship – and for the biggest of all goals – a dream they all have in common – making it to big leagues, the Formula 1. Therefore, they used the forced break, in schedule during the pandemic lockdown to get better, to hon their craft, and be in the best racing shape possible.

100% and not 1% less is what these young drivers give every time they climb behind the wheel. That’s what you live and breathe by when you race from a young age on. And that’s the reason why Karting is the perfect foundation for a successful career in motorsports.

FIA has five different karting categories. And all five racing series not only managed to restart in 2020, but also crowned their champions after a thrilling season. The last racing weekend of the FIA Karting European Championship OK and OK-Junior is held in Wackersdorf (Germany).

The fight for the coveted title is extremely competitive and as exciting as ever. With a victory in the last race in the OK category Andrea Antonelli secures the European Championship. In the end, the Italian is just two points ahead of Taylor Barnard (GBR). Joey Turney (GBR) gets third. In the category, Junior American Ugo Ugochukwu wins the title.

Arvid Lindblad from Great Britain clinches 2nd place and the Fin Tuuka Taponen takes home third place. The first step for these young drivers on their way to be the future racing superstars.

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