International Hockey Federation (FIH)

FIH’s long-term preferred supplier agreement with Musco Lighting is extended by an additional two years

Musco Lighting to continue to provide pitch lighting products and installation as part of the FIH Pablo Negre Award

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) have today announced the extension of their preferred supplier agreement with Musco Lighting.  Musco Lighting are the world leader in lighting technology for sporting facilities at all levels and have been providing lighting solutions for nearly 40 years.
FIH launched their new strategy in November last year designed to unite the hockey community.  FIH’s ambition is ‘a global game that inspires the next generation’ with its purpose ‘to raise the global status and popularity of hockey’. 
To achieve this ambition, FIH have set themselves four goals and subsequent initiatives have been defined to achieve these goals.  The continuation of the preferred lighting supplier agreement will contribute directly to the new strategy. 
Musco Lighting are committed to the development of new technology within hockey and have first-hand knowledge of lighting issues that affect participants, spectators and TV viewing.  With Musco Lighting, FIH can supply its National Associations and other stakeholders with superior information to assist with their lighting requirements and maximise their investments.
Musco Lighting who are great supporters of FIH Congress, will continue to provide pitch lighting products and installation to the winner of the FIH Pablo Negre Award, which is presented at FIH Congress to the National Association that has by its activities, initiatives and sportsmanship best served the course of hockey and increased its popularity over the last two years. 
The next FIH Congress will take place in Dubai in November 2016.
FIH CEO Kelly Fairweather said; ”I am delighted that we have renewed our preferred supplier agreement with Musco Lighting.  Long term preferred supplier agreements with suppliers who share our vision are of paramount importance to achieving our ten year strategy.  Excellent facilities and the provision of these facilities are key to the continued growth of hockey across the globe.”
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