By Akira Wong

Bangkok FC’s youth team has greatly benefited from a partnership the club has formed with Thailand Gypsum Products Co. Ltd – an innovative manufacturer of high quality branded gypsum called ‘Gyproc’.

Players under the age of 11-years-old from Bangkok FC have been given the opportunity by ‘Gyproc’, for exposure in Europe.

Other than sponsoring the trip to Europe, the company has also provided equipment for training, competitions and other club related youth activities.

Apart it being a CSR programme, ‘Gyproc’ also hope that by focusing on development for disadvantaged youths in Thailand, it will encouraged these young people to have a good interaction with the community and represent Thailand on the global stage.

“We are grateful for the support Gyproc has given. The youth have travelled a long way for a trip to France to compete against some of the best youth teams in the world like Barcelona, Liverpool, Manchester City and others,” said coach Sebastian de Vic Thomas.

“For many of these boys, this was their first trip abroad. I believe that this tournament is an exciting and memorable experience for them to travel to new places. Other than to experience the culture and the new people, it also gave the young boys, the chance to compete against world-class football. “

Added Richard Juche Marine, the Managing Director of Thailand GYPSUM PRODUCTS LIMITED: “We congratulate the young athletes from FC Bangkok who performed well in the Europa League again.

“Gyproc is very proud to have these support youth in the development of young athletes between the ages of 7 and 17-years-old. We firmly believe that football Thailand will have a bright future.”

Bangkok FC ranked 22 out of 120 teams.

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