The Beginning of a Passion

Emily Bondi’s love for motorcycles began early, riding on the back of her mom’s bike, and together with her dad, on a Triumph Bonneville T1200 and a BMW GT. Her first personal bike, an MT03, was a source of pride as she showcased it to her former instructors at a Yamaha dealership in Paris right after she got it.

A Swift Ascent in RacingHer boyfriend, a cross-country champion, identified her potential in racing, propelling her towards competitive riding. Despite starting her racing career just a year ago, Emily became the French champion, now poised to compete on the international stage in the WorldWCR. 

Overcoming Challenges

Emily has faced numerous challenges as a woman in a male-dominated sport, encountering prejudices and underestimation. However, she uses these experiences to motivate herself and prove that women can compete at the highest levels, demonstrating perseverance and determination.

Inspirational Goals and Future AmbitionsEmily aims to inspire young girls to pursue motorcycle racing, emphasizing that they can excel in sports traditionally dominated by men. Her goal for the season is to gain experience, represent France with pride in the inaugural WorldWCR season, and eventually aim for a world championship title.

Personal InsightsOutside racing, Emily enjoys spending time in the gym, with family, and creating digital content to raise awareness about motorcycle racing. Her favorite athlete is skier Tessa Worley, and she draws inspiration from female racer Sophia Flörsch for her presence on social media and resilience in motorsport.

Emily on representing her country…

“It is very important to create a minine reference in a country where I myself, a year ago, did not know that girls could do this sport, because I only saw men on TV. Times are changing and it’s up to me to make things happen for all the future princesses who want to ride a motorcycle as a daily sport!”Emily’s message to aspiring female riders is clear: “Motorcycle princesses exist, and it’s you! with discipline and resilience, you will be part of the same starting grid as us one day!

Emily’s rapidfire answers…

Who is your favourite motorcycle racer? 

“My favorite motorcycle rider is Xavier Siméon, my racing coach!”

What do you aside from racing? 

“I am a Master 2 student in digital marketing and communication at the IESEG School of Management”

What kind of music do you listen to before a race? 

“Deep-house that helps me concentrate.”

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