2016 National Sports Medical Cover Workshop -004

In tandem with the government’s aim of making sports a successful national industry, various sporting events have been organized and held nation-wide, most of which are popular with the masses and have been given their due international recognition. Medical cover is an important component in any sports event. The safety of the participants and the multitude of masses attending these sports events are the main concern of any event organizer and venue manager. Adequate knowledge of the safe handling and skillful management of medical cases, including first aid, are required of all medical personnel attending to any medical cover.

2016 National Sports Medical Cover Workshop -003

Recognizing the lack of training in this field, we decided it is about time we held courses to create the awareness and educate medical personnel in this field, so as to increase their knowledge level and skill. Hiring properly trained and licensed medical personnel will ensure that they perform their duties well during the events. This is essential to ensure that the involved medical personnel are fully prepared for all eventualities during the actual event.

For this course, which is the first of its kind in the country, we chose motorsports as the theme. This theme was chosen because this type of sport event could be disastrous if accidents were to happen. Given the magnitude and variety of the topics to be covered, we have enlisted the help of various organizations to successfully meet the needs of this course. This course could not havebeen done without collaboration between Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL), the National Sports Institute (NSI or InstitutSukan Negara [ISN]), Sepang international Circuit (SIC) and the Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM).

2016 National Sports Medical Cover Workshop -001

The venue was chosen so that the delegates could have the feel of actual event coverage during the course. The course consists of lectures and practical workshops of which the participants will get hands-on experience of what, how and when to do certain maneuvres or procedures. At the end of the course, the participants will gain more knowledge and skills to be applied when the time comes.

2016 National Sports Medical Cover Workshop -005

The event was officiated by Director of Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) on 25th April 2016. It was attended by representatives from each organization ieNational Sports Institute (ISN), Sepang International Circuit (SIC) and Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM). The audience consists medical personnel from various background (doctors of all levels, paramedics, nurses, medical assistants) from government, private sectors as well as universities.

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