Greed probably got the better of national hockey umpire K. Lingam and he now faces a possible lengthy ban that could also seriously jeopardize his career as an international match official.
Despite his six-month suspension by the Selangor Hockey Association (SHA) for gross indiscipline Lingam continued umpiring in the on-going TNB National Junior Hockey League. 
To make matters worse he also accepted the appointment by the Malaysian Hockey Confederation Umpires Committee to officiate in the Singapore Hockey Association Indoor League.
This happened because of SHA’s failure to inform the national body of Lingam’s suspension. 
Lingam’s honesty and integrity have come into questioning for deceiving and accepting all appointments despite been informed by the SHA on June 22 of his six month suspension by the SHA for gross indiscipline. 
The SHA disciplinary board chaired by William Arasaratnam found Lingam guilty for unfairly taking over slots for umpiring from other umpires who were already allocated their duties in a local (Selangor) tournament, for his own convenience.
The Selangor HA slapped Lingam a six-month suspension from June 22 to December 22, 2019, for the indiscipline.
At international level Lingam is on the International Hockey Federation (FIH) Umpires Promising List (UPL) – which is one step from being an international hockey umpire.
Questions also arise if teams competing in the National Junior League file a complaint and want the result to be declared “null and void” because Lingam officiated while under suspension. The winners may not file a complaint but the losers may want a review,
If this happens MHC will have to foot the bill for all expenses if there is a replay.
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