Welcome to the Lao Premier League. You are the first Iraqi player to play in Laos as a professional. How does it feel for you?

Thank you. That sounds really good and it is an honour to be the first Iraqi player to be in Laos. You could have continued playing in Germany, where you were previously. Why did you decide to play in Laos or in Asia for that matter?

Right i had very good deals in Germany as well as from Europe. I wanted a new challenge and then came the offer from Laos. How is your first impression about your new club (Nuol FC) after the first game?

It has been really positive. The team, the coaching staff, and the manager welcomed me well. They are very helpful and helped me whenever they can. The first game for me proved to be a good outing with the team and I believe that I can help the team. I am pleased that we have won the game as a team. How do you see the difference between German semi-professional football and Asian football?

It is tough to compare as Germany have operated professional football  for more than 50 years. Laos just started the professional game in the last few years, so the experience and professionalism in Germany is much higher than here. What are your objectives for the league this season? 

My goal for the season is the team to win as many games as possible and to be top of the table.

KarojSindi Where do you think you need to improve?  

I think you can always learn something new and things can never be perfect. So I try to take everything in the best possible way. What are your personal ambitions, what do you want to achieve?

First, I want to help the team with my experience as far as possible. My goal is to play for the best club in Laos and play in a AFC Championship. What are your interest other than football?

Besides football, I love music and dancing, as it allows me to switch off. Music on, world off. Family is everything to me. My family is always behind me and without them I would not be where I am today. My family is always in my heart, wherever I am.



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