# Kim Swee to “go on leave” from next month if FAM keeps mum on his job

# ‘I am neither here no there’ – Kim Swee

# ‘Don’t keep me hanging’ – Kim Swee


Interim national football coach Datuk Ong Kim Swee will “take leave” from next month if the FA of Malaysia (FAM) still keeps mum on his job as time is against him to negotiate with other teams.

The former international, however, will take all in his stride if he is “rendered jobless” after his existing contract with the national football body comes to an end at the end of the year.

“There is nothing concrete from the FAM on my future as a coach. Time is running out as all teams have already planned their program for the new season,” said the Malacca-born Kim Swee after seeing the national team go down 1-2 to United Arab Emirate (UAE) in Group A (Asian Zone) World Cup qualifying match at the Shah Alam Stadium on Tuesday.

The match was played in an empty stadium to serve FIFA’s punishment following crowd trouble when Malaysia hosted Saudi Arabia at the same venue on Sept 8. Saudi Arabia were also handed a 3-0 win when the match was abandoned after 88 minutes. The visitors were leading 2-1 at that stage.

“If there is still no news on my future by the end of this month (November) I will take my leave…I have plenty.”

Kim Swee submitted his application for the national team’s chief coach which was advertised in the newspapers recently. The bulk of those who applied are foreigners. FAM deputy president Datuk Mokhtar Ahmad told Kim Swee that he must apply for the job officially instead of being elevated from his official national Under-23 coach.

Known as a committed and dedicated coach with plenty of pride and passion for the nation, Kim Swee revealed that he may end up without a job by the end of the year when his contract with the FAM.

“It is true that there were several clubs who wanted my services for the new season. However, with FAM keeping mum on the matter (as national coach) the said teams could wait for the delay as they need to start their preparations for the new season.

“Many were reluctant to have any further negotiations on the matter as I could not give them a firm answer,” added Kim Swee who was appointed as the interim national coach after Dollah Salleh quit the job a day after Malaysia were hammered 10-0 by UAE on Sept 3.

“When there were no takers I accepted the (interim coach) job. I did my best to my abilities in a short period. Despite the shortcomings we managed to show discipline, commitment, pride and passion in playing for the country.

“You cannot achieve success overnight. It takes time to build a strong team. The transition (in the national team) is already taking place. I have brought some young blood and they have fared well this far.

“Of course we are still lagging far behind against the rest of the teams in this region but you have seen commitment and discipline from them. They lack exposure but have faith in them,” added Kim Swee.

Kim Swee once again hit out the critics who slammed the team.

“The criticism is uncalled for. Instead of helping the team they destroy the morale and spirit of the players…either on the eve or just hours before the match.”

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