Madcap chases, snappy dialogue, spectacular action scenes, old favourites from video games past, hope, heroes and, at the centre of the action, saviours in the guise of four MINI Cooper S 3 door models: that’s what lies in store in the new Sony Pictures film PIXELS, set for release in US cinemas on 24 July. MINI – with the four main protagonists Adam Sandler, Peter Dinklage, Denis Akiyama and Josh Gad at the wheel – plays a very special role in the fight against the bad guys. The cast also features Kevin James and Michelle Monaghan.

Director Christopher Columbus drew inspiration for the Hollywood flick from an animated French short film by Patrick Jean which caused some serious online excitement around the world in 2010 with its homage to classic arcade games like Tetris, Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong.

MINI v Pac-Man.

In PIXELS, the world turns into a real-life video game. Extra-terrestrials pick up signals of the most popular games of the 1980s, including Space Invaders, in which players aim to destroy small pixelated aliens.The aliens misinterpret this as a declaration of war and swiftly dispatch oversized Pac-Man and Donkey Kong figures to various megacities in the world, where they turn everything they touch into pixels.

In order to save the world, the U.S. government recruits a group of four talented old-school arcaders from the 1980s, since their knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the video game characters is virtually unsurpassed. But to win the battle against Pac-Man and co. our four heroes still need a little outside help and so the government provides them with their own individual β€œMINI Ghosts” – four MINI Cooper S 3-door models bearing the names and colours of the Pac-Man Ghosts. Whether their mission is successful will be revealed in US cinemas from 24 July.

MINI Cooper S 3 door plays the lead role.

The MINI Cooper S 3 door is not only extremely agile to drive, it also boasts exciting good looks. The latest generation of the original is designed for individualists and translates the legendary design language of the 1959 classic Mini into the present. With its extended product features and more detailed elaboration of the iconic design cues of its forerunner, the new generation unites the MINI heritage with forward-looking design and innovation.

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