Sports Minister to Give Away Cash Prizes and Medals

The 7th leg of the TENNISMALAYSIA JUNIOR TOUR 2015  which attracted more that 120 junior players all over the country got to a spirited start this morning  at the Likas tennis courts.

The TM Junior tour is organized by a group of  state tennis associations called under TENNISMALAYSIA to assist LTAM organized more junior tournaments.

According to Sabah Tennis President Johnson Koh TENNISMALAYSIA under the Chairmanship of Mirzan Tun Mahathir has a group of 10 states grouping together to promote junior tennis and to  foster better relationship among state tennis associations which has been lacking for the last several years.

Sabah is hosting the 7th leg of the junior tour throughout Malaysia.

The categories are Boys and girls for ages 10, 12, 14 & 16.

The are many sponsors for this junior tour. However the main sponsors are  Maju, Mamee, Petron, Wilson, Suria fm, KL Kepong, Betamek Electronic, Crown Worldwide  and Air Asia.

Those from Semanjung are flying  Air Asia to KK  on a  6 players per state sponsoring fron Air Asia. The tournament kicked  of this morning on the 20th August and the final will be on the 23rd August.

Two venues will be played: Likas Tennis courts and Sutera Harbor tennis courts. All the players started their first round today. Some are accompanied by parents.

STA President is very happy Sabah can  attract so many junior players from Semanjung.

This event is an eye opener for all junior players from Semanjung and Sabah as well. Sabah juniors get to see top players while Semanjung players get to see how beautiful Sabah is -the people and the environment.

The seeded players are :

Girls 16 :  Top seed – Nur Hazira Hamidon – N S.  2nd seed – Khadijah Latfy K L.

           14:  Top seed – Jodie Luo K L  . 2nd seed – Serena S Selvam  K L.

           12: Top seed – Ain Nadhirah Adnan N S. 2nd seed – Marisa Zahari NS.

           10: Top seed – Iman Syahada Abdullah NS. 2nd seed – Athilla Miasara NS.


Boys 16: Top seed – Irfan Halim Johor. 2nd seed – Muhammad Azri Ramlee Johor.

           14: Top seed – Muhammad Syabil Shaharudin Selangor. 2nd seed Muhammad  

                                                                                         Irzad Shazurin Suliani Trengganu.

          12: Top seed – Edi Al Amin NS. 2nd seed – Airulraif Airilazhar johor.

          10: Top seed – Thoybah Rahizam Selangor. 2nd seed – Zahin Ielyas KL.


The matches starts from 8.30 am right through the evening. However on Friday matches start from7.30 with lunch break for Friday prayers and resumes at 2.30pm to the evening.

The finals will be held at the covered courts at Sutera Harbour from 9 am.

STA invited YB Datuk Tawfiq Abu Bakar Titingan Sabah sports minister to give away the cash prizes and medals. The sports minister has agreed to be the guest of honour for the prize award function.

Johnson Koh also brief the minister on STA’s preparation for the Sukan Malaysia 2016.

He also updated the minister on Christian Chin’s current status and his intention to go for further improvement in an oversees tennis academy to further improve his performance and to continue his Asia ranking.

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