The 2016 year end Sabah Junior tennis masters with 60 players competing gets going this week at the Likas Tennis courts.

In the 18 under Md Arif Irfan is top seed and  Nik Ahmad Zharfan is second.  Brandon Billy  and Ahmad Izzudin are expected to join them in the semis.

Heading the boys U16 is Hiew Kee Jun with Luke Guansing both looking to the final.

Under 14 boys we have Luke Guansing 1st seed and Kevalraj Singh 2nd. Ryan Chee and Darius Wong are also expected to meet in the semis.

Boys 12 under Ryan Chee is top seed followed by Shan Daniel, Alan Irfan and Danish Affiq Hamzah.

Boys 10 will have Md Radhie and Shan Daniel with Jonathan Joshua and Danish Affiq Hamzah following behind.

In the girls division, the SUKMA girls will fight it out between  Nurshaneem Shamsuddin and Karen Chang in the U18.

In the girls U16, SUKMA girls Clarissa Sofia,  Azlien Natasyah Muhd Said,  Karen Chang will fight it out among themselves and Kenwyn Chang.

The junior masters is a year- end tournament to gauge all the categories junior talents and how they have improved.

The tournament is being held at the Likas tennis courts. The roofing is  half completed but STA is using the non- roof courts.

These courts have not being resurfaced and are not in the best of conditions.

The roofed courts which are in the same conditions as the non-roofed ones  are also damaged due to movements of machineries and needs resurfacing as soon as possible.

STA have written to Lembaga Sukan Sabah and STA president have personally met up with the General Manager Penyuki Matta and the Chairman Datuk Louis Rampas.  STA and the tennis fraternity  hopes for the best from the Sabah government through the sports ministry.

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