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Victor Sports on board to launch Airshuttle

  BWF is excited to announce that VICTOR Sports has come on board for the launch of the AirShuttle. This is the next big phase in...

Golf World Presents Revised Calendar of Events for 2020

United by what may still be possible this year for the world of professional golf, and with a goal to serve all who love...

Frede dominates F1 eSports Pro Exhibition race to claim victory

Frede Rasmussen dominated Sunday evening’s F1 Esports Pro Exhibition Race, once again demonstrating that he is a key member of the 2019 F1 Esports...

Jangan sia sia kan bakat – Rizal Tisin

  Bekas pelumba trek negara, Rizal Tisin mengharapkan pengalaman yang ada pada ratu trek negara, Fatehah Mustapa yang telah mengumumkan persaraannya sebagai atlet berbasikal trek...

KBS serah kepada PABM untuk rayuan

Persekutuan Angkat Berat Malaysia (PABM) diberi pilihan samada mahu mengemukakan rayuan kepada Mahkamah Timbang Tara Sukan (CAS) berhubung penggantungan yang dikenakan oleh Persekutuan Angkat...

Hang-seo leads Korean companies in donation drive

Vietnam national head coach Park Hang-seo led a handful of South Korean companies in donating USD 100,000 to the Vietnam Fatherland Front’s Fund for...

Red ahead? King of WTCR gets a performance boost

The BRC Hyundai N LUKOIL Squadra Corse i30 N TCRs will feature a new look for the 2020 WTCR – FIA World Touring Car...

Alex fights back in Australia for virtual Grand Prix

Alex Albon and Ben Stokes teamed up to compete in the second instalment of the Virtual F1 Grand Prix which took place at Albert...

Hockey celebrates International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

FIH has spent the past six days celebrating hockey’s place in promoting peace and development via a range of projects and initiatives. The stories,...

“The secret of indoor training is quality training”

For many riders around the world, cycling in recent times has become an exclusively indoor activity with the quarantine measures they need to observe...


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