The 2024 Maglia Rosa, sponsored by Enel for the ninth consecutive year and manufactured by Castelli, was unveiled today among the masterpieces of the Brera Art Gallery.

The event, organised in collaboration with the Pinacoteca di Brera (Brera Art Gallery) and Opera Laboratori, was attended by Urbano Cairo, President of RCS MediaGroup; Angelo Crespi, Director of the Pinacoteca di Brera; Paolo Bellino, Managing Director of RCS Sport; Mauro Vegni, Director of the Giro d’Italia; Stefano Barigelli, Director of La Gazzetta dello Sport; Nicola Lanzetta, Director of Italy, Enel Group; Steve Smith, Brand Manager of Castelli; Beppe Costa, President of Opera Laboratori; Alessandro Onorato, Councillor for Tourism, Major Events and Sport of the Municipality of Rome; Fabrizio Ricca, Councillor for Sport of the Piedmont region; Ivana Faccioli, News Director of RTL 102.5; and Vincenzo Nibali, the last Italian winner of the Corsa Rosa in 2016, as well as many representatives of institutions, sponsors and the media.

In memory of the Grande Torino

The collar of the Maglia Rosa holds one of this year’s significant new features – a quote on a maroon background paying homage to the Invincible champions, going ‘Grande Torino 1949 – Only fate could beat them‘. On 4 May, exactly 75 years after the Superga disaster, the Giro d’Italia will also be paying tribute to the ‘granata’ team.

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