It’s not every day that fans can visit the hugely impressive Toyota Gazoo Racing Europe museum in Cologne and get up close and personal with the 2018 24 Hours of Le Mans-winning TS050 Hybrid.

However, for 13-year-old “designer” Vincent Schumacher, that’s exactly what happened when he and his family were given a tour of the impressive facilities that is home to some of the brand’s greatest collection of cars from its varied racing history. 

During the tour, Vincent’s family were able to see first-hand the legendary 2018 TS050 HYBRID, but it was the 2019-2020 TS050 spec which Vincent used to design his own version made from Lego. 

The miniature version has lights, is fully driveable and even has an air jack system for quick pit stops! It also took around 500 hours to build.

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