The V.League 2 will be expanded in 2021 to 14 teams in line with the vision of making the whole league structure more competitive.

There are currently 12 teams playing in V.League 2.

The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) announced that at the end of the 2020 season, the team that finished at the bottom of V.League 2 will be relegated while three teams that finished at the top will be promoted to V.League 1.

The three bottom teams at the end of V.League 1 will be relegated to V.League 2.

“The V.League 2 squads compete without foreign players and their expenses for competitions are reasonable. Then, we think, it is right time to upgrade the number of participants,” said VFF Vice President Cao Van Chong.

“The increase in the number of the teams will help push the competitiveness and quality of the tournament. It is also in our plan as we will map out the total number of teams participating at the professional and amateur tournaments from 2021.”

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