With only 50 days to go until the start of the World Athletics Indoor Championships Glasgow 24, a new championships time creative has been unveiled for this prestigious world event, with the launch of a new strapline alongside athlete pictograms and city landmark sketches to bring a uniquely Scottish look and feel to the competition.

With WICGlasgow24 taking place from 1-3 March, the countdown to the event is now well underway with less than two months until the world’s best athletes descend on Glasgow for a feast of top-class athletics, in front of a sell-out crowd.

More than 700 athletes are expected to compete in Glasgow. With the championships falling within the qualification period for the Paris 2024 Olympics, this gives the event extra significance as competitors go for gold in front of the knowledgeable Glasgow crowd, who will get close up to the action in the intimate setting of the Emirates Arena.

As this is the first time the World Athletics Indoor Championships has been hosted in Scotland, a fresh look has been created for the event, incorporating the saltire flag, elements of Glasgow’s skyline and the Scots language in order to evoke a sense of place and promote Scotland’s unique cultural identity to the world.

Using Scots language, the event strapline ‘Where Gallus Meets Greatness’ signifies Scotland’s ambition as the perfect stage for events. The phrase combines ‘Gallus’ the local vernacular for ‘daring and bold’ with greatness, a word commonly associated with major sporting champions.

With athletes and fans hoping to be part of moments of greatness during the three days of intense and thrilling competition, the strapline loosely translates to ‘Who Dares Wins’. 

The brand development is both unique and specific to Scotland and Glasgow, incorporating the event’s thistle logo and brand colours in addition to the saltire, Scotland’s national flag and a nod to contemporary tartan. 

The pictograms feature several Glasgow landmarks including the iconic Duke of Wellington Statue, the Clyde Arc Bridge and the event venue, the Emirates Arena, whilst the athletes pose in the style of the sport’s three disciplines: running, jumping, and throwing.

Eagle-eyed individuals will also spot the event logo incorporated into the clothing of the athletes in a fun and playful way. 

Championships Director, Stuart Campbell said: “I am delighted to unveil our new event look and strapline to mark 50 days to go until the World Athletics Indoor Championships get underway.

“With the world coming to Glasgow, it has always been a very important part of our mission to highlight Scotland’s unique cultural identity and I believe we have managed this, taking our thistle logo to the next level and reimagining it in the form of athlete pictograms.

“We were also very keen to incorporate the Scots’ language into our event strapline to give a sense of place and I believe we have managed this with the inclusion of the word ‘Gallus’ – a phrase that I’m sure will stir a passion embedded in Scots and Glaswegians alike.”

“I can’t wait to see the city and the venue come alive with our branding as we move closer to the starting blocks and welcome the world to Glasgow.”

With only 50 days to go, it’s almost time for the World Athletics Indoor Championships to arrive in Glasgow and we look forward to inviting the world into our city ‘‘Where Gallus Meets Greatness”. – worldathletics.org

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