Malaysia will play their next match on the 7th of September 2015 against hosts China.

Coach Lailin Abu Hassan believes that this will be an uphill battle. The 2-0 win against Singapore, despite providing us valuable 3-points, left us in an extremely undesirable position.

“Our captain, Surizan Awang Noh is nursing an injury to her left knee. There is a high chance that she, along with Nurain Hidayah who pulled a hamstring muscle in the same game, will not be fielded for our match against China”, said Lailin adding that the injury was attained when Surizan collided with a Singapore player whilst jostling for a loose ball.

Malaysia had 10 penalty corners but managed to only convert 2, both through direct hits.

“We lacked ideas against a team that practically camped in their own D. Our PC conversion rates must improve significantly. There is an imperative need for midfield creativity. We will analyse our game, as well as the opponents and strive for a better performance against one of the region’s hockey powerhouse”, he added.

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