Aquaservice, a leading company in the field of mineral water and refreshment distribution services with dispensers in Spain, are presenting a new edition of the ‘ECOCUP’: a reusable cup for race guests that will prevent the use of over 40,000 disposable containers.

All donations collected through this initiative will go towards caring for the environment through ADENEX, the Association for the Defence of Nature and Resources of Extremadura, an area that has been extremely affected by fires this summer.

Through the ECOCUP project, the organisation will offer those who ask for a drink in the guest area a reusable cup in exchange for 1 euro. These guests will be reimbursed when they return said cup.

They will, however, also have the option to keep the cup, thus turning the deposit into a donation towards environmental protection. These donations will go to ADENEX, the Association for the Defence of Nature and Resources of Extremadura.

Given the fires that Spain, unfortunately, experiences each year, Aquaservice wished to contribute through La Vuelta to the creation, improvement and maintenance of ecological infrastructures that generate biodiversity on the meadows of Extremadura. 

The region will host the finish-line of Stage 17 (Monastery of Tentudía) and both the starting line and finish-line of Stage 18 (Trujillo > Alto de Piornal).


This action will take place within the framework of Aquaservice’s participation as La Vuelta’s official water provider. As was already the case in 2021, the company will provide water to the 23 cycling teams, to the organisation’s staff, to the national law enforcement bodies (Civil Guards and National Police Force) who will ensure the security of the race, to the visiting public and to accredited media, through more than 170 water dispensers.

Since last year, this partnership with Aquaservice makes La Vuelta the first Grand Tour on the professional circuit to have implemented a solution to eliminate plastic waste with regards to drinking water. Thanks to this initiative, in 2021 we prevented the use of 5,916 kilos of plastic (a 94% reduction when compared to 2019) and saved over 20,000 litres of water. –

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