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Wireless software updates for the first time via future over-the-air interface

Expanded portfolio with additional connect functions for on-board and the myAudi app

Optimized DC charging power and Plug and Charge for even more convenient on-the-road charging

Audi is continuing to systematically advance the Q4 e-tron and Q4 Sportback e-tron. Audi is updating all vehicles from the start of series production up to and including the 2022 model year with software version 3.2.
This new software comes now as standard in series production for the current 2023 model year. Foremost among the new functions with high everyday utility is the option of performing future software updates via a wireless over-the-air interface.
The software update for the Q4 e-tron and Q4 Sportback e-tron also allows users to create personal profiles. Another new feature: Users can use the e-tron route planner in the myAudi app to plan a route and send it to their Q4 e-tron .
The new software version also saves navigation data such as recent destinations. The myAudi app can be used to locate the car’s parking position as well as to check a variety of status messages. Should the car break down or be involved in a fender bender, the driver will be able to use the online roadside assistance call with Audi damage service going forward.
Improved charging power at home and on the road
The software update also offers added value when charging at home or on the road. The “Preferred charging time” function helps customers charge at low-cost times, e.g. at night, with a variable-rate electricity plan. It works by allowing the user to set up a defined charging window.
And timers in the car and the myAudi app make charging with alternating current (AC) even more convenient now too. During preconditioning with the departure timer, the energy that is needed to warm the interior in the winter is directed to the car during charging via an external energy source – for instance, a home Wallbox or a public charging point.
Similarly, the new software’s reworked thermal management system optimizes consumption by taking the outside temperature and the state of charge into account when conditioning the battery.
An improved charging power control system compared to software version 2.3 enables increased DC charging power up to 135 kW1 . In addition, customers can also opt for the battery protection function, which automatically holds the battery in the ideal state of charge by limiting it to 80 percent.
The update will also enable the Plug & Charge function together with a charging contract from the Audi charging service. At compatible charging stations, the vehicle automatically authorizes and activates the station when the charging cable is plugged in. Billing is also automatic.
The Audi Q4 e-tron – now even more personalized
Audi’s theme worlds in the myAudi app make it easy for customers to individualize the look of the interior of their Q4 e-tron  to suit their personal preferences in just a few steps. For example, customers can personalize the ambient lighting in the vehicle as well as the background images shown on the center display.
As part of the Audi connect navigation and infotainment plus package, Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa2 can be used to listen to music, catch up on the latest news, and much more.
Software update Audi Q4 e-tron

Audi partners inform on car-by-car basis

All Q4 e-tron s made in 2023 and later will also feature Plug and Charge and the ability to perform software updates via a wireless over-the-air interface. All owners of a Q4 e-tron that does not have new software for the 2023 model year will be informed individually by their Audi dealer in the first quarter of 2023 about how to proceed with updates. To avoid long wait times, the software updates will take place according to region and in several waves.

1Battery charging time and power can vary depending on various factors such as ambient and battery temperature, use of other country-specific plugs, use of the preconditioning function (e.g. remote-controlled air conditioning of the vehicle), power availability at the charging station, charge status, and age of the battery. The charging power decreases as the charge status increases. Charging losses are included.
2 Amazon, Alexa, and all related logos are brands or registered trademarks of, Inc. or an associated company. Certain Alexa features require compatible smart home technology.

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