Audi charging hub Slazburg Mooncity

Four reservable quick-charging points with up to 320 kW of output

Vorsprung durch Technik enables sustainable charging without any drop in performance

Accessibility, strong charging performance, existing infrastructure, and much more turn charging into an experience

Ad-hoc charging also possible via credit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay

24/7 availability and numerous services also make the charging hub attractive to people just passing through

Audi is opening its first charging hub in Austria: Following locations in Nuremberg, Berlin, and Zurich, the brand with the four rings opened a premium quick-charging station in Salzburg today, its fourth worldwide. Just next door, MOONCITY is Salzburg’s competence and experience center for new and electric mobility. It provides the perfect infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of the hub, so charging is a customer-friendly and pleasant experience.
“The rapid expansion of the charging infrastructure in Europe and worldwide is crucial for the success of e-mobility. We see this as a joint task for politics and industry. The Audi charging hubs are our way of supplementing the public charging infrastructure,” says Audi CEO Markus Duesmann.
High charging output without any drop in performance through “Vorsprung durch Technik”
The Audi charging hub differs from many other quick-charging stations in that it does not require a medium-voltage connection. This sets it apart from many other quick-charging stations, which often necessitate additional infrastructure.
The concept is based on “charging cubes” – modular containers that contain refurbished lithium-ion batteries (second-life batteries) made from disassembled Audi development vehicles. The design reduces the strain on local grid capacity and means the charging hub requires no elaborate, expensive infrastructure.
The Audi charging hub in Salzburg has four charging points with a buffer storage unit that enables constant charging with up to 320 kW of output at each of them, even if they are all in use at the same time. At full capacity, that is, when all four charging points are used simultaneously, each charging point can always supply 320 kW.
Audi charging hub Slazburg Mooncity


In designing the charging hub, barrier-free accessibility was of the utmost importance. Wheelchair users in particular will find sufficient space to open the doors and move around the vehicle thanks to the spacious dimensions.
The payment terminals can be moved to a wheelchair-friendly height at the push of a button. Charging becomes even easier if the vehicle uses Plug & Charge. This feature enables the vehicle to exchange payment information directly with the charging point – eliminating the need for physical payment or verification.
Additionally, the charging cables are mounted on an innovative swivel arm so that the charging plug can be effortlessly moved to any position on the vehicle, allowing the user to conveniently reach the charging port no matter where it is, regardless of the vehicle model.
All payment cards accepted
The new charging concept for electric cars will not only be available to Audi drivers. Any electric car equipped with a CCS charging port can be charged, no matter the make. Audi customers are able to reserve a slot in advance.
They can use the myAudi app to make an appointment for a no-wait charging slot. A bar ensures the booked charging point stays free for up to 15 minutes after the scheduled start time.
Figures from Nuremberg and Zurich underscore how drivers of electric cars from Audi or other brands are embracing the urban quick-charging concept of the brand with the four rings.
In Nuremberg, where Audi has been operating the large Audi charging hub with six charging points and a 200-square-meter (2,150-sq-ft) lounge above it since December of 2021, the customer return rate is 70 percent.
“Customers there have now integrated charging at the charging hub into their daily routine,” says Ralph Hollmig, Audi charging hub project manager.
Audi has counted up to 62 charges per day in Nuremberg; on average, the first Audi charging hub registers 36 charges daily. Around half of users roll up to the hub in an electric Audi model.
“When we launched the Audi charging hub in December of 2021, hardly anyone had predicted this level of success. By early 2023, we already had our 10,000th hub visitor,” Hollmig reports.
“In Zurich, too, we are seeing similarly high demand. These figures completely validate our concept of urban charging in lieu of charging at home. This gives us confidence that an attractive location like here in Salzburg will continue the success story.”
The smart, dynamic load control Audi developed internally ensures efficient use of the existing power infrastructure. In selecting the location, Audi relied on an in-house data analysis to check on-site demand in advance.
Audi’s partner in operating the Audi charging hub MOON POWER handles the entire technical project management side. As charge point operator (CPO), MOON POWER purchases the electricity and runs the billing system.
The location directly next to MOONCITY Salzburg with its preexisting, perfect infrastructure (including local amenities and restaurants adjacent to the site) is ideal for such a project.
“We are excited to open the Audi charging hub in Salzburg as our fourth location worldwide,” says Thomas Beran, Brand Director Audi Austria.
“Flexible, premium quick-charging infrastructure in urban areas is becoming increasingly important due to the rising number of electric vehicles on our streets. The high desirability of our Audi e-tron models is doing its part to increase charging needs in cities like Salzburg, creating demand for premium charging stations in addition to the conventional charging stations we’re all familiar with.”
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