PETRONAS Malaysian Cub Prix Championship, Round 4 will be held at Sepang International Circuit (South) this weekend. Ahmad Syukran Aizat Md Yusoff of Rexxo Racing Team is determined to work on his achievements.

Syukran’s win in Round 3 which was held at the Jasin circuit was not a surprise considering his achievements at the very same circuit in 2019 which landed him at the second spot in the CP115 race category. That very same year, he also marked his excellence when he emerged as the champion for the race category with a total of 179 points.

In the following years after that, Syukran’s achievements were merely satisfactory. He was then riding for a different team and was not able to maintain his position consistently. In 2021, Syukran ended the season in the fifth spot overall.

Last season, however, he dropped down to the fifteenth spot overall. His first win for this season sets a positive tone and gives him a glimmer of hope. With this, it is hoped that Syukran will be fueled to work on his performances.

Commenting on the race, Syukran said, “At the Jasin circuit that day, it was a pretty new circuit hence not many riders were familiar with the track. That gave me an advantage to learn and adapt quickly, furthermore with the excellent condition of my machine during that weekend.

“My performances last year were not very stable, however this year, I am ever grateful to Rexxo Racing Team for having confidence in me and for giving me the opportunity to showcase my talents and abilities in the race category.”

“For this season, the team has definitely worked very hard to find the right setup for my machine. In the last round, I managed to obtain an extremely good position because of the preparations done on the machine that optimised its performance.

“Whatever limitations or setbacks, we will face it one at a time. For the coming round at Sepang, I am more focused on building my physical strengths and my riding abilities with the machine.”

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