Winners team of Egypt pose for a photograph with Chris Matthews and Dusan Domovic during the Red Bull Half Court World Final in Belgrade, Serbia on September 17, 2023. // Predrag Vuckovic

In a thrilling display of 3 on 3 basketball and a celebration of the sport’s culture, the Red Bull Half Court World Final 2023 concluded inside the historic fortress of Kalemegdan in Belgrade, Serbia. Team Egypt emerged as the victorious women’s team, while the home Serbia squad secured the men’s championship title.

Hager Amer from Egypt was crowned Fila MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the tournament for the women and Nikola Mihajlovic from Serbia was crowned Fila MVP for the men.

Basketball has become a truly global phenomenon, witnessed most recently with Serbia securing the silver medal at the FIBA Basketball World Championship.

That helped set the stage for the 2023 Red Bull Half Court World Finals in Belgrade, where Serbia’s rich basketball history spanning a century merged seamlessly with the iconic backdrop of Kalemegdan Fortress, a unique location that underscored the depth of the tournament’s visual and cultural

Securing their first-ever women’s title, team Egypt emerged victorious over 2022 champions Japan in the fi Led by their stars Nadine Selaawi and African MVP Hager Amer, Egypt outplayed Japan in a decisive 15–10 victory.

Boosted by their home crowd, team Serbia had to go into overtime to secure their win over a strong Polish team led by Polish-American basketball pro and 3×3 Olympic bronze medalist, Michael

“These athletes are great, that’s why they’re To represent their countries, they are the best of the best,” said Chris ‘Lethal Shooter’ Matthews about the level of competition on display in Red Bull Half Court. “I train NBA players and WNBA players, and there is no falloff here. This is a top-notch player lineup. Shout out to all the countries participating here.”

Before a crowd of 2,500 enthusiastic spectators, Hager Amer took the title of Fila She showcased remarkable defensive prowess and dominated in the paint, a pivotal contribution that guided her Egyptian team to victory. Nikola Mihajlovic from Serbia was named the men’s Fila MVP due to his remarkable performance and scoring important buckets, as well as the game winner in the last second of the match.

“I’m super proud of the team, it was perfect,” said Hager “It’s such an honour being here and winning the title. I enjoyed every minute of this tournament. 100 years of basketball in Serbia, the atmosphere here was actually crazy.”

Nikola Mihajlovic added: “We’re so happy with our team’s performance, as the game was really tough, literally for every This is a really special moment and special feeling for us playing in front of our home crowd. But we didn’t feel any pressure. It was delightful to be representing Serbia.”

The world’s biggest 3 on 3 basketball tournament showcased the finest athletes from 24 countries during an unforgettable weekend of competition and culture.

Nearly 9,000 players participated in the tournament throughout the season globally, while the top 14 female and 25 male teams battled for the title in Belgrade.

Serbian Fashion designers and street artists Nikola and Nenad Radojčić refurbished two courts inside the majestic 15th-century fortress, making the event location an innovative piece of art with elements of the brothers’ personal lives, basketball history, Belgrade and the fortress itself. Now, local players will enjoy the outstanding location for years to

Since the start of Red Bull Half Court in 2020, Red Bull and local communities have collaborated to revamp over 20 courts worldwide, further fostering the growth and accessibility of the

“The court design here in Kalemegdan Fortress is absolutely beautiful,” said Dušan Bulut, Serbia’s 3 on 3 legend from Novi Sad, who is widely considered as the greatest 3×3 basketball player of all “So colorful and bright. I’m actually a fan of the two brothers and know them from their early days as graffiti artists. The concept of refurbishing the court is simply great. After the tournament, people will come back and get inspired by this court and will share their passion for basketball.”

Looking ahead to the future, the 2024 Red Bull Half Court World Final promises to be another extraordinary Following Serbia’s enthusiastic embrace of basketball, the next World Final is set to take place in the United States, a nation renowned for its love for the sport and the world’s richest, strongest league.

In 2024, the global 3 on 3 basketball community will gather in New York City for the World Finals and another remarkable chapter in the tournament’s


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