The FIA World Motor Sport Council convened for its third meeting of 2023. The meeting was chaired by FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem with FIA Deputy President for Sport Robert Reid and WMSC members joining in person at the Federation’s offices in Geneva and via video conference.

2024 FIA WRC and Formula E calendars approved
•      WEC: enhanced qualifying format and LMGT3 Technical Regulations validated
•      New terminology for FIA Cross-Country Rallying disciplines
•      New class in Karting and National ranking system roll-out
•      New Technical Regulations for FIA Rally 5-kit
In his opening address, the FIA President reported on significant progress since the previous WMSC gathering in Cordoba, Spain in June.
Welcoming and thanking the Members for their hard work, the President updated the council. He said:
“We have made considerable progress in the past few months in efforts to improve our sport and support our members. As part of our knowledge-led approach, we have launched two FIA University Programmes, the Motorsport Leadership and Management, and FIA University Certificate in Modern Sport Governance.
We are also focusing on deeper engagement with our Member Clubs and have appointed regional co-ordinators in Asia-Pacific, the Americas, Africa, MENA and Europe.
Our campaign to combat Online Abuse is building momentum, and we have recently launched a first-ever survey in collaboration with fellow sporting governing bodies which is designed to address the impact of online abuse against athletes, officials, volunteers, and others involved in sport. I firmly believe that, if we do not tackle this issue, it will pose a real threat to our sport and others. 
We have recently announced the approval of Andretti Formula Racing’s application following a rigorous due diligence process. I would like to thank the FIA team members for their support in this process and I congratulate them for what they did. We firmly believe we are doing what is best for the long-term sustainability of the sport.
I also welcome the recent announcement of Aston Martin and their commitment to enter the Hypercar class of the FIA World Endurance Championship from 2025. This class is going from strength to strength with an impressive line-up of some of the world’s biggest manufacturers.
At the grassroots level, we must celebrate the first successful Asia-Pacific Motorsport Championship, which drew 171 competitors from 23 countries. These events are vital to achieve our goal of doubling participation in motorsport.”
Commenting, President and CEO of Formula 1 Stefano Domenicali said:
“2023 so far has been another fantastic year for our sport and we thank everyone involved across the FIA, F1, teams, promoters and partners.  We and the FIA continue to work closely to ensure we stay focussed on the important issues for the sport and build on the momentum we have.
We note the points made regarding the FIA’s new team entry process and as we have said before, we will now make our own assessment of the merits of remaining application.
We look forward to the remaining races of the season and to the 2024 season.”
The following is a summary of decisions taken at today’s WMSC meeting:
FIA Formula One World Championship 
The World Council noted the recent appointment by e-vote of Pirelli as the Sole Supplier for tyres in the FIA Formula One World Championship, FIA Formula 2 and FIA Formula 3 Championships for 2025-27. More information on this topic can be found here.
Following the ongoing work of the relevant Committees and Working Groups and approval by the Power Unit manufacturers, the World Council approved several refinements to the 2026 Power Unit Sporting, Technical and Financial Regulations, as well as amendments regarding the supply and development of fuel.
The World Council approved an update to the Sporting Regulations increase the number of days permitted for official tyre testing from 35 to 40. Additionally, a provision to add a maximum of four car days of testing organised by the FIA in consultation with all Competitors for the express purpose to facilitate the research into spray reduction techniques in wet weather, was approved.
FIA World Rally Championship 
The 2024 FIA World Rally Championship calendar was approved featuring a 13-event schedule and Rally Latvia joining the series for the first time. A round of the FIA European Rally Championship since 2013 when it ran as Rally Liepāja, the Baltic event was subjected to an FIA inspection earlier this year.
The full calendar follows:

FIA World Endurance Championship
Technical Regulations for the new class set for introduction in the 2024 FIA World Endurance Championship called LMGT3 have been approved. The new GT class will be based around FIA’s existing GT3 technical platform and will focus on gentlemen drivers and private teams. LMGT3 will replace cars built to LMGTE technical regulations that have been on the FIA WEC grid since the series’ inaugural season in 2012. The cars will feature several WEC-specific adaptations such as luminescent number panels and leader lights.
The introduction of an enhanced qualifying format where both Hypercar and LMGT3 classes will feature two sessions each has also been approved. Both classes will have a 12-minute qualifying followed by a 10-minute-long Hyperpole for the top 10 qualifiers that will decide the pole position winners. Previously, each class featured a single, 15-minute qualifying, with the Hyperpole format reserved only for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. 
ABB FIA Formula E World Championship  
The 2023 – 2024 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship calendar has been approved as follows:

It has been also agreed to continue excluding Formula E Drivers Costs from both the Financial Regulations for Manufacturers and Teams in Season 11 and in Season 12.
FIA World Rally-Raid Championship
A major overhaul in the Cross-Country Rally Sporting Regulations to the naming of events, cars and championships should make the various classes and type of vehicle easier to understand and simplify the terminology used.
Changes made in conjunction with the W2RC Promoter A.S.O. and the Cross-Country Rally Commission include the following:


Cross-Country Event → Cross-Country Rally

Cross-Country Baja → Baja

Cross-Country Rally → Rally-Raid

Cross-Country Marathon Rally → Marathon Rally-Raid


World Cup for Cross-Country Bajas → World Baja Cup

European Cup for Cross-Country Bajas → European Baja Cup

Middle East Cup for Cross-Country Bajas → Middle East Baja Cup


T1 → Ultimate

T2 → Stock

T3 → Challenger

T4 → SSV

T5 → Truck

The allocation of championship points for the FIA World Rally-Raid Championship as well as World and Regional Cups for Cross-Country Bajas was revised to allow retired crews to keep their Stage bonus points and thus encourage them to continue in the championship.
The rule on the start order of subsequent stages (Art. 32.2) was modified to allow all the top T1 competitors, showing faster speed than vehicles of the lower categories, to start ahead each morning, hence helping to improve safety.
International Sporting Code
The ISC had previously determined that the maximum fine amount that the stewards can imposed is 250,000 euros. This amount has not been reviewed nor amended for at least the last twelve years and does not reflect the current needs of motor sport, and the World Council therefore approved an update to this maximum limit in certain championships as follows:

  • FIA Formula One World Championship – 1,000,000 euros
  • All other FIA World Championships – 750,000 euros
  • All other FIA Championships, cups, trophies, challenges or series – 500,000 euros

 In October 2022, the Council of the European Union stressed the need to prevent and counter the use of pyrotechnics at sports venues. Following review of the situation in motor sport, it has been concluded that the unauthorised use of all pyrotechnical devices at races can pose significant public health and safety risks and, as such, should be prevented and countered.
The World Council therefore approved new provision and definition in the ISC prohibiting the unauthorised possession and use of pyrotechnics at FIA competitions.
FIA CIK – International Karting Commission 
Buoyed by the success of its inaugural year and the enthusiasm shown by the ASNs, the CIK-FIA is rolling out a ‘National’ version of its ranking.
This roll-out will enable ASNs wishing to do so to manage their own calendar of Regional – National events and establish their ‘National’ ranking in categories integrated into the existing classes.
Another change is the inclusion of a new Class 4, which brings together four-stroke and electric leisure karts used in leisure events, with the aim of incorporating all forms of practice and promoting diversity.
As this is the most economical/affordable practice, it was important for the CIK-FIA President to consider it in the same way as the many drivers taking part in leisure events around the world.
Through the deployment of a ‘National’ version from 2024, ASNs will be able to establish their own rankings based on the existing classes and thus qualify or honour drivers as they see fit. This ranking could be used to select drivers for the 2024 Motorsport Games.
Additionally, electric drivetrain features were integrated into the Technical and Approval Regulations.
The approved 2024 FIA Karting calendars are available here.
FIA Single-Seater Commission
The World Council approved a proposal to change the title of the F4 UAE Championship certified by FIA to “F4 Middle East Championship certified by FIA” from 2025 onwards in order to improve the championship’s sporting interest and provide a better learning platform for young drivers by ensuring a greater variety of circuits.
The countries to be visited from 2025 are Kuwait (already approved by SiSeC), Qatar and Bahrain.
FIA Rally Commission
New Technical Regulations for cars in the group Rally5-kit will apply from 2024 with the objective to create a new grassroots category for Rally and increase the number of cars eligible in the RC5 class.
More details about the Rally5-kit as well as further updates on the FIA WRC and Regional Rally championships will be included in the upcoming FIA Rally Newsletter.
FIA Cross-Country Rally Commission
The WMSC approved the 2024 calendars for the FIA World Cup, European Cup and Middle-East Cup for Cross-Country Bajas. A round of the European Cup this year, Rally Greece Offroad is promoted to the World Cup’s level in 2024.
Further updates on the FIA World Rally-Raid Championship and Cross-Country Baja championships will be included in the upcoming FIA Rally Newsletter.
FIA Sporting Calendars
Other FIA sporting calendars approved today by the WMSC are available HERE.
Upcoming World Motor Sport Council Meetings
The next FIA World Motor Sport Council meeting will take place in Baku on December 6 on the occasion of the FIA General Assemblies Week. –

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