FIFA vice-president Eugenio Figueredo appeared before a Uruguayan judicial inquiry here Wednesday probing alleged financial irregularities involving South American football’s governing body CONMEBOL.

Figueredo stepped down as CONMEBOL president in August to replace Julio Grondona on FIFA’s executive committee following the Argentine powerbroker’s death in July.

The Uruguayan official was questioned on Wednesday as part of an investigation into CONMEBOL’s rejection of a bid for television broadcasting rights by a local businessman.

“I answered the subpoena and came to the court. I will wait to see what happens in future and, if asked to return, I will come,” Figueredo said as he left the court in Montevideo.

Figueredo declined to answer questions about the case.

“An investigation is under way. I have to be reserved about what I say,” he told reporters.

Asked if the case had included examination of his business interests, he declined to answer. 

Investigators are also examining claims by Uruguayan clubs that they had not received their share of television money from CONMEBOL due to them from participation in continental club tournaments such as the Copa Libertadores. Agence France-Presse

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