Kemtai makes home workouts more effective, with real-time training feedback technology

Kemtai launched its Artificial Intelligence (AI) virtual personal trainer web app in South East Asia. Home fitness enthusiasts can now improve their exercise form and performance and enjoy a more effective workout with programs designed by different trainers from all over the world whenever they want.

Click here to try out Kemtai, including the new workouts just uploaded by personal trainers from New York through to Tokyo.

The Kemtai AI Fitness Experience

Unlike other online workouts, Kemtai uses computer vision on a laptop web browser (no other devices are required) to:

  1. See and analyze your exact movement.
  2. Guide you to exercise with precise form to help you achieve your fitness goals and

    have more fun.

  3. Give you specific and real-time feedback during your workout.
  4. Analyze your performance in real time and provide immediate scores.
  5. Provide overall performance feedback and scoring at the end of the workout. You

    can compare these with your other workouts and share with friends and family.

    Kemtai co-founder Mike Telem said, “Kemtai’s beta site went live earlier than planned in March 2020 to help everyone stuck at home because of COVID-19 to stay fit, healthy and maintain their sanity. With 10,000 registered users from 20 different countries, the positive feedback we received, and many new workouts uploaded, we decided it was time to launch. And now, we are excited to launch our second phase in South East Asia, and to help as many people as possible improve their home exercise experience and have more fun.‚ÄĚ

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