Sports Writers Association of Malaysia (SAM) president Ahmad Khawari Isa has made history by winning a seat on the executive committee of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) for the 2017-2021 term.

In the elections held in conjunction with AIPS’ 80th Congress in Pyeongchang, South Korea to choose the 13-member committee today, Ahmad Khawari obtained 64.3 per cent of the votes, that is from 54 out of 96 voting countries.

The Malaysian candidate finished ninth out of 28 candidates vying for a seat.

Ahmad Khawari, who is also Asian Sports Writers Association vice-president said the success was a new milestone for Malaysian sports journalism on the international stage.

“A long time ago, a thought crossed my mind when I made sports journalism my career…maybe one day, who knows, I would be able to reach a level to be proud of.

“Now, in South Korea, the dream has come true. Thank God, with the support of 54 countries I am able to sit on the executive committee of AIPS. It is recognition of Malaysian sports journalism,” he said in a recent post on his Facebook page.

Besides Malaysia, the other four Asian representatives in the committee were from Japan, Pakistan, Iran and South Korea.

Italian Gianni Merlo won the presidency for a fourth consecutive term uncontested, while Esat Yilmaer of Turkey also won unopposed for the first vice-president’s post.


President: Gianni Merlo (Italy)

First Vice-President: Esat Yilmaer (Turkey)

Treasurer: Jura Ozmec (Croatia)


Evelyn Watta (Kenya), Nikolai Dologopolov (Russia), Ioannis Daras (Greece), Hiji Al Mohammed (Qatar), Mitchel Obi (Nigeria), Gabriel Cazenave (Paraguay), Charles Camnezuli (Malta).


Seyed Abdolhamid Ahmadi (Iran), Zsuzsa Csisztu (Hungary), Vicente Dattoli (Brazil), Emanuel Fantaneanu (Romania), Hee Don Jung (South Korea), Ahmadi Khawari Isa (MALAYSIA), Josef Langer (Austria), Amjad Amzaz Malik (Pakistan), Morad Moutaouakkil (Morocco), Juan Antonio Prieto (Spain), Jean Paul Savart (France). Hiroshi Takeuchi (Japan), Joze Zidar (Slovenia).


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