Erick Thohir, the President of the FA of Indonesia (PSSI) said that the 2024/25 Liga 1 season will ‘truly be an Indonesian League’ as he welcomed the three promoted League 2 teams into the top flight.

The three teams are PSBS Biak, Semen Padang, and North Maluku (Malut) United, which means that the new Liga 1 season, will contain representatives from each island in Indonesia.

“Congratulations to the three teams who have gained promotion. This will add to the excitement of the league because the three promoted teams represent regions from outside Java. This is truly an Indonesian league,” said Erick.

Sumatra will be represented by Semen Padang, while PSBS Biak will represent Papua.

Malut United are from Maluku Island.

Erick explained that so far the Indonesian League has had many representatives from Java – in addition to two teams from Kalimantan, namely Borneo and Barito and then Bali United, which represent Bali and Nusa Tenggara.

There is also a representative from Sulawesi, namely PSM Makassar.




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