After eight years, the Red Bull Air Race World Championship flies back to a favorite location on April 15-16, as the season’s second stop takes off at San Diego, California, USA. Two fresh faces topped the podium at February’s 2017 kickoff, blowing the battle for the title wide open from the start, and the world’s best pilots are feeling the need for speed.
San Diego, CA (USA) – Sunny San Diego, California is laying out the welcome mat for the second stop of the Red Bull Air Race on April 15-16, the first time the World Championship has soared over the bay since a three-year stretch that ended in 2009. Eight years has seen tremendous technological advancements in racing through the Air Gates at 230mph (370kph) with forces up to 12G, and the raceplanes are more sleek and stunning than ever. But in the end it’s all in the hands of the pilots, and with the top of the leaderboard completely up for grabs, fourteen of the world’s best will be flying full throttle.
Positioned on the Pacific Coast just a few miles from Mexico, San Diego boasts pristine beaches, summery boardwalks and one of the most ideal climates in all of North America. It’s also the aviation hub that was home to the Top Gun naval school, and the knowledgeable fans who line the shore will be treated to a thrilling showdown as world champions and new mavericks go head-to-head.
Every team is acutely aware that the pilot who triumphs at the second race of the season can go on to win it all: that’s what happened last year when Germany’s Matthias Dolderer dominated the standings from race number two right through to his World Championship victory. At this Feburary’s season opener in Abu Dhabi, Czech pilot Martin Šonka out-flew Dolderer and the rest of the field to claim his first race win, with Spain’s Juan Velarde clinching a career first of his own with second place. Can Šonka or Velarde continue the momentum, or will Dolderer charge back? And then there’s the motivation of a home race for the USA’s Kirby Chambliss and Michael Goulian – former World Champion Chambliss has two San Diego podiums to his name already. Nicolas Ivanoff of France is the defending San Diego winner from the last race in 2009, and Matt Hall, an Australian with his own Top Gun pedigree, will be blasting into the skies with a brand-new raceplane. In short, any one of the 14 pilots can grab the advantage with this race.

“This is one to look forward to. It’s a fantastic venue, right in front of the city,” says Steve Jones, a former Red Bull Air Race pilot who is now its Race Director. “The track is very similar to Abu Dhabi in terms of maneuvering turns. It’s going to be a great race.”

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Red Bull Air Race 2017 Calendar:
February 10-11: Abu Dhabi, UAE
April 15-16: San Diego, USA
June 3-4: Chiba, Japan
July 1-2: Budapest, Hungary
July 22-23: Kazan, Russia
September 2-3: Porto, Portugal
September 16-17: Lausitz, Germany
October 14-15: Indianapolis, USA

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