For many people, holiday time is the best time of the year. However, going on holiday also poses challenges for families. With Original BMW Accessories developed exclusively for travel, leisure time and transport, these challenges can be mastered easily and conveniently.

For example, thanks to Original BMW child seats, the kids are also well taken care of during holiday trips. Transport and storage bags developed by BMW such as the BMW storage bag Fond ensure your holiday luggage is kept nice and tidy. Not only can additional luggage be securely stowed away in the BMW roof boxes, but also bicycles on the roof-mounted BMW bicycle carrier or the rear-mounted BMW transport system.

The BMW cooling bag and the BMW side window sunblind both help provide a sense of well-being during the trip. Moreover, children on holiday are given the perfect opportunity of learning to ride a bicycle both proficiently and playfully using the walking bike/pedal bike combination BMW Kids Bike, whilst at the same time being able to act out their urge to move around.

Of course, a BMW safety vest for each passenger is a must, as it enhances safety in the event of a breakdown and prevents fines imposed in countries in which safety vests are mandatory. The “marks” left on and inside the car during a holiday are simply and permanently removed using specially developed Original BMW Care products such as a silicone remover concentrate, hard wax featuring nanotechnology or leather cleaning foam.

Optimal protection and maximum travel comfort for children

BMW Original child seats are ideal for ensuring that the kids travel in safety and comfort. Three different seat types offer optimal conditions for travelling with babies, small children and children up to an age of approximately twelve years. BMW child seats fulfil the European ECE R44-04 standard for child retaining systems and are further tested to comply with the EURO NCAP safety requirements.

In the process, additional front and side crash tests are also performed under real-life conditions. All BMW child seats feature patented Airpad technology. Integrated air cushions control movement of the head in the event of a side collision. Child seats guarantee a comfortable seating position and allow great freedom of movement.

BMW child seats are available either in classic black/anthracite or sporty black/blue. All textiles used on the child seats comply with typical stress standards required for automotive applications, permit an exchange of heat and facilitate sufficient extraction of moisture and supply of fresh air.

Three seat types for different age groups

The BMW BABY SEAT GROUP 0+ is perfectly suitable for babies up to an age of around 15 months. The seat is conveniently fastened facing rearwards using the ISOFIX base. Additional safety is provided by the separately available ISOFIX base, which is connected to the vehicle’s ISOFIX attachment points and, thanks to a support bracket, offers even greater stability.

The BMW JUNIOR SEAT GROUP 1 is the ideal solution for the age range of approximately 12 months to four years. It is connected securely to the vehicle via the ISOFIX base and can be used facing either rearwards or forwards.

For children from 3 to 12 years of age we recommend the BMW JUNIOR SEAT GROUP 2/3, which is simply clicked into the vehicle’s attachment points via the integrated connectors for the rear seat ISOFIX eyelets. Single-handed adjustment of height and width is possible, allowing the seat to “grow” with the child. Furthermore, the seat can be simply folded up for stowing and also conveniently transported outside the vehicle in the backpack provided.


No matter what is taken along – everything is securely and conveniently stowed away

Inside the car, multifaceted storage space is provided by exclusive BMW transport and storage bags, which excel through simple and secure attachment, high-quality workmanship and maximum functionality. For example, the BMW backrest bag, which can be hung around the front seat headrests and secured to the bottom of each front seat, offers numerous lockable storage compartments and additional attachment options such as for a tissue box or bottles that can be conveniently stowed in the integrated bottle holder.

The high-quality backrest bag can be folded up into a practical carry case for use outside the vehicle. The BMW storage bag Fond is made from a material combination of genuine leather. Firmly secured using the middle rear seat safety belt, it features – in addition to ample space for small items such as children’s toys – a removable vanity bag and two integrated cup holders. Thanks to two handles and an integrated shoulder belt, the BMW storage bag Fond can also be comfortably transported outside of the car.

The beautifully designed BMW cooling box in black/anthracite also contributes towards a stress-free holiday with the children. Connected to the on-board 12-volt power outlet, it offers a capacity of 14 litres for chilled food and drinks, thus ensuring sufficient provisions for longer journeys.

The set comprising the BMW protective backrest cover and the BMW child seat underlay offers two benefits at the same time. For example, attached to the rear of the front seats, the backrest cover protects the seat backs against dirt from the shoes of kids sitting behind.

Moreover, it features two bags for secure stowage of books or toys taken along on the trip for the children. The BMW child seat underlay is attached to the rear seat headrests and, thanks to its foam padding, prevents pressure marks that could otherwise result from the use of child seats on the back seats. Furthermore, it effectively protects the fronts of the rear seats against soiling from children’s shoes.

BMW Travel & Comfort System – one base carrier, many options

The modular BMW Travel & Comfort System enhances the pleasure of travelling and comfort inside the car. By means of a slip-in connector, this system permits simple and secure attachment of various different system components to a base carrier, which is mounted on the headrest bars of the front seats. There is, for example, a holder for various Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy tablets.

The holder can be pivoted, angularly adjusted and rotated by 360 degrees – convenient for watching films in landscape format and, in portrait format, ideal for office activities. If desired, a folding table, which is adjustable in height and inclination and features an integrated cup holder, can also be attached to the base carrier, as can a coat hanger or a universal hook.  

Protection from direct sunlight

Well-being on board a vehicle is also decisively influenced by the interior climate. Therefore, we recommend the BMW sunblind as the perfect supplement to the air conditioning system. It is available for the rear window and side windows of the rear compartment of many BMW vehicles and can also be used when these windows are open.

Due to its custom-fit design it offers perfect protection of rear passengers, and children in particular, from direct sunlight, whilst also lowering the temperature inside the car. Moreover, it reduces reflection on media devices such as tablet PCs.

Learning to ride a bicycle with the BMW Kids Bike

Having at last arrived at the holiday destination after a long journey, children are able to act out their natural urge to move and be active. The BMW Kids Bike is best suited for this purpose. As a walking bike/pedal bike combination, the Kids Bike is ideal for children from two and a half to six years of age. Whilst the little ones are able to practise their sense of balance, their feeling for speed and the use of brakes with the cantilever front-wheel brake already mounted on the walking bike, the older children learn to ride a bike proficiently after the simple installation of the drive unit, pedals, chain and backpedal brake. The Kids Bike is fitted with 14-inch pneumatic tyres as well as a handlebar net and frame bag for small items. Safety features include reflectors and a likewise reflecting children’s bicycle helmet.

Perfectly matching cleaning and care products

Every trip leaves “marks” on and inside the car. These are easily and permanently removed using Original BMW Car Care Accessories. For example, the BMW silicone remover concentrate completely removes even heavy soiling such as diesel soot, grease, wax and dried insect and silicone residue from vehicle windows and headlights.  

And hard wax featuring nanotechnology offers maximum protection against tree resin, de-icing salt and other environmental influences. In addition, fresh soiling that has occurred after treatment is much easier to remove. Furthermore, BMW leather cleaning foam guarantees thorough and gentle cleaning of all leather upholsteries featured in BMW vehicles. Cleaning and care products from the collection “PureCare inspired by BMW I” are particularly gentle and long-lasting. Thanks to their natural ingredients, they are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

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