Singapore-Malaysia Clash to Mark SportsHub Opening

Sentiments and emotion will run high on 8 August 2014 when Singapore take on traditional rival Malaysia as part of a series of opening gambit towards the unveiling of Singapore’s SportsHub.

Matches between Singapore and Malaysia had always been fierce and given the history of the two countries, it will be the same when they clash against this time round at the new National Stadium ā€“ a day before Singapore’s National Day.

The National Stadium within the compound of the SportsHub will have a capacity of 55,000 and was built at the same site of the old National Stadium, which was demolished at the end of 2010.

The SportsHub will also comprise of an aquatic centre, an Indoor Stadium, Sports Arenas and also a commercial centre.

The cost of building the SportsHub has been estimated at SGD 1.8 billion.

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