The Malaysian National Sports Council (MSN) has urged athletes and officials to strive towards ahead of the 29th edition of the SEA Games which starts next week.

With only 13 days remaining to the opening ceremony, the Malaysian contingent have centralised at the Renaissance Hotel in Kuala Lumpur since Friday.

During the assembly, MSN director general Datuk Ahmad Shapawi Ismail announced that the athletes, coaches and team managers will have to work together to accomplish their mission.

“I have stressed the point whereby they are a not only coaches but a contingent as well. They have their responsibilities that they need to uphold which is the athletes’ performances, behavior and image are in order.

“We want the athletes to have a proper image and performance towards the Games and that was the gist of my speech.

“The team managers and coaches will have to work as a unit to manage the team’s movements to ensure that discipline is instilled among the athletes.”

According to Shapawi, strict measures such as security and limited access to the hotel has been put in place for the benefit of the athletes.

“In terms of security, no one will be allowed to enter the building without a pass. It is also to ensure that the athletes are able to focus and rest without any distractions.

“Currently we have 700 athletes here with us now. While the balance of 171 are currently training and competing abroad.

“After the gathering at the Renaissance, some of the athletes will be designated to their own respective stays in different locations. An estimated figure of 600 athletes are expected to remain at this venue,” added Shapawi. – BY ALVIN OH

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