Each year, when preparing La Vuelta, we try to find a series of unique narratives that will make each edition truly special and unforgettable. These may include a special celebration or anniversary, an unprecedented location, a returning classic… there are no specific criteria used to choose them, other than the instinct and inspiration that the territories themselves spark in us, much like a compass leading us in the right direction.

Now that the arrow is pointing firmly towards La Vuelta 22, I admit that I find it remarkably easy to explain why this edition is so well-balanced. It is so, because it has been designed on the basis of four fundamental pillars, which I now invite you to navigate with us.

Our first stop is the Netherlands. For the first time, the three cycling Grand Tours will all start outside their countries of origin. La Vuelta will fulfil its promise to Utrecht, Breda and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. A cycling paradise that will open its doors to us two years later but with the same enthusiasm.

We return to Spain with a tailwind, linking up with the edition’s second narrative axis: reaching the peninsula’s four cardinal points. We will begin sailing along the North, an area we know well, maintaining a classic flavour but with many surprises in store.

Basque fans will bid us farewell before continuing our voyage towards Cantabria and the Asturian mountains: a well-known quay, Les Praeres and an unprecedented mountain pass, the Colláu Fancuaya.

We will then turn to starboard until we reach Alicante and descend towards the Region of Murcia and Andalusia, bringing us to the third pilar of this edition of La Vuelta. For the first time in the race 87-year history, we will visit the eight Andalusian provinces, a fact we will celebrate in the sky of Sierra Nevada.

Our portside turn will lead us to two unprecedented finales in Extremadura before Madrid invites us to dock. Navacerrada promises to be exciting before the peloton finally rides through the streets of the capital.

La Vuelta is built around stories. Stories of history, adventure and epic journeys – a new voyage about to be discovered. Our crew is ready to set sail and we would love for you to join us.


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